Canadian Sikh man ‘to sue news outlets’ after he is wrongly labelled a terrorist after Paris attacks

A Canadian Sikh man is threatening to sue news outlets after an image of him was photoshopped and wrongly identified as one of the Paris attackers.

Veerender Jubbal said he was concerned for his own safety after an innocent selfie he took in front of the mirror was edited to show him wearing a suicide vest and holding the Koran.

  • Clear Thinker

    Ummm he has a point, he is a Sikh and would never have truck or trade with mulslim terror.

    • P_F

      A misconception, I am afraid.
      Many sikh terrorist organizations of 80’s & 90’s like: Babar Khalsa, International sikh youth federation, etc. were funded & supported by Pakistan’s ISI, many even had their headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan where some those wanted sikh terrorists are still living.

      • Oracle9

        Moral equivalence, obfuscating the truth and ensuring our defeat.

        I don’t see constant, every second news article, coverage of Sikh, Christian, Bhuddist, or whatever religion, like we see about Islamic terrorism.

  • P_F

    No doubt he’s innocent and those who photoshopped his image must be punished.
    That also reminds me:
    The first mass murder in Canadian history was committed by sikhs which was considered the biggest terrorist act till 9/11.
    The first honor killings in Canada committed by sikh families on their daughter/sisters, way before mohammedans made their way into canada.

  • simus1

    An electrical outlet mounted through a bathroom mirror without busting it?
    That is so cool. Wish I could do that.
    Hope it is GFCI. Well, it would have to be.

  • T.C.

    Har. The newspaper that photoshopped this pixilated the bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the right hand bottom corner. No product placement for you!
    Best payday evah!

  • Ed

    Has anyone ever seen a muslim smile? Right there you know there’s something wrong with this picture.

    • Alex

      Exactly what I was thinking. If they do ever smile, it’s the full psycho version, complete with insane glint in the eyes, and drool running down their chin.

      • Ed

        And the hair in a bun thing…

  • Edubeat

    Sikhs and Muslims have a long history of killing the other. They don’t like each other. It must be about who has the sexiest headgear and beard.

  • ontario john

    Good news for peace loving ISIS. Obama has announced that the US will take in 100 thousand Syrian muslims instead of the 10 thousand stated before. Also he will not commit ground troops.

    • k1962

      He is a dumb ass. I hope this gives a boost to the republicans.

    • Clausewitz

      Well we should all be happy that we’ll still hold the per capita record of 2.5 Syrians to every one taken in by the US. It’s getting harder to find someone who voted Liberal by the day.

  • Gary

    This photo may be fake, but the 239 Canadians slaughtered by two Sikh terrorists about 30 years ago was very real when the 747 suitcase bomb blew-up and 40,000 feet and 500 mph .
    The largest group or passengers were children born in Canada on their way to visit relatives back home .
    The fact that this story seems to be purged from out history just shows how dangerous Multiculturalism can be by importing those with hatred and still fights past wars on our soil.
    The Toronto-18 muslims wanted to kill thousands of us because Chretein had our Troops in Afghanistan killing fellow muslims even when it was the pedophile misogynists Taliban that aided the 9/11 Hijacker that slaughter 24 Canadians that day .

    Now that Omar Khadr is lose and he knows how to build IED’s , I really think it’s pretty stupid for the TTC nabob’s to boast about getting WiFi in the Subway system when the Madrid slaughter had Cell phone detonators in tote bags to set-off the bombs.