Tomorrow belongs to baby fascists, and here’s why

As Mark Steyn notes,

Well, I think we’re actually seeing the rise of a kind of incipient baby fascism, and I don’t use that term lightly. I mean, the ruddy glow of middle age is still on my face, I’m reasonably confident that I can still outrun some of these mobs if I have to. But in 20 years’ time, I won’t be able to. And I’m concerned. If you look at the scenes from the University of Missouri where the so-called, actually a journalism professor is calling for some muscle to kick out the journalists, or the scene from Yale where they’re standing around and intimidating the professor they disagree with, we have basically raised a generation now that prioritizes identity group politics over free speech. And that is going to be a tragedy for the world. I mean, this nonsense you just mentioned from Claremont is presumably over some ‘cultural appropriation’ thing – that it’s racist for these two young ladies to put on sombreros and fake mustaches. Whereas if they’d said they were transitioning into men, then it would be okay to go around in fake mustaches. And if they were transitioning into becoming Hispanic men, then it would be okay, presumably, to wear the sombrero. So the internal contradictions of these identity group politics – where it’s okay for Caitlyn Jenner to be culturally appropriating by getting out Grace Kelly’s 1954 corset and posing in it on the front of Vanity Fair – that cultural appropriation, gender appropriation is okay. But if you put a sombrero on your head, it’s the biggest crime of all.

… And it’s interesting that almost anyone who mentions these evasive, ugly phrases like ‘safe space’ is in fact a totalitarian bully. I mean, the people who need the safe space are the journalists being harassed at the University of Missouri and the professors they’re trying to force out at Yale. These are the guys who would benefit from a safe space. And it’s the people saying ‘oh, we must have a little safe space’ who are the totalitarians here. More.

To clear out the underbrush first: All fascists are full of angst and grievance. Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, and Hirohito’s crowds certainly were. They look for occasions of grievance to act on. And always find them.

So let’s keep the gravol bottle handy when we hear some dweeb, struggling to quiet her growing fears, explain how oppressed the elite students must feel … (hint: gel caps work faster)

Second, while I post here under “batshit crazy universities,” I don’t think there’s anything batshit about it at all.

In an age when lower middle class jobs are becoming automated and working class jobs have gone to China, the only big business will be progressive governments minding unneeded proles, on behalf of an elite technocracy who are the essential rulers.

University is a place to demonstrate one’s skill in ‘cratship, under watchful eyes. And they’re doing just that. And succeeding.

If we don’t want that kind of society, we must stop our ears to all effort to get us to fund or vote for it, including efforts from soulful preachers, sincere public relations types, and good-hearted ninnies.

In the Cultural Revolution, it all ended in mass murder. Murder can happen in the West too. It maybe doesn’t happen the exact same way, but dead is dead.

It always starts with well-meaning people tacitly supporting and making excuses for what is clearly wrong. And refusing to see obvious things, such a that if a university were still really a place of learning, these baby fascists should just be somewhere else. And if it is a place of learning, why are we making any concessions at all to them?

Civil liberties and intellectual freedom mean to them what dancing slippers mean to a pig.

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