There is no “radical Islam” and there is also no “moderate Islam”

“…Permit me to raise some doubts concerning the psychological mindset that claims the existence of two types of Islam. In order to do this, let us clarify an important point: Islam is a text-based framework of ideas and behaviors, covering religion, culture, strictures, politics, law and economics. It is an all-embracing way of life. The most basic text is the Qu’ran, followed by the Hadith (oral law) and the Sura – biography – of Muhammad. The Sharia, Muslim law, is a system of binding laws and injunctions that Muslims are obliged to obey.

There are no two Islams, no moderate one and no radical one, there is just one Qu’ran that includes everything: verses on Jihad and all out war against unbelievers along with verses that speak of recognizing the “other” and living beside him.”

  • Xavier

    In your country, you make the rules. Islam is not a religion, so stop treating it as one. Ban Islam and deport the Moslems.

  • Jay Currie

    That is a useful article. Thank you.

    What it neglects is that Islam is as much a political agenda as a religious one.

    • Alain

      Actually the militant and political aspects outnumber anything religious.