Muslim World To Celebrate Release Of One Millionth Anti-Terrorism Fatwa In Anticipation Of Next Atrocity

From Riyadh to Tehran to Karachi and across the globe the Muslim world stands united in celebration of the pending release of the One Millionth Anti-Terrorism Fatwa.

To mark the occasion authorities have withheld the Fatwa’s formal release until the next major terror attack.

Said spokesman Muhammad Bin Muhammad of the Anti-Terrorism Fatwa Issuance Committee; “We were really looking forward to this Fatwa being issued in response to a major terror attack like Paris, but the Fatwa was not complete in time. With luck more infidel blood will be spilled soon in a western capital so the fatwa will be forever linked to a deserving occasion worthy of our religion, but as in all things Allah knows best.”

This reporter pointedly asked Bin Muhammad how he handled criticism of the so-called “Anti-Terrorism Fatwa Industry” to which he replied in typically candid fashion:

“People say “1 Million anti-terrorism fatwas? Isn’t that a lot?” And I have to reply, the market is huge. Western useful idiots lap this stuff up like mother’s milk and do immense help in advancing our cause. After every terror attack we toss out a few of these babies and the politicians and media swallows them hook line and sinker – every time. They practically line up to proclaim Islam is a religion of peace. So don’t talk to me about “Too Many Fatwas”.

Anti-Terrorism Fatwa rallies are being scheduled for this happy occasion throughout the Muslim world and what remains of Christendom to mark the blessed event.