In the wake of Paris, University of Toronto’s radical fanatics will gather Wednesday to support terrorists

With the carnage branded freshly onto our memories and the blood not yet all washed away from this week’s monstrous Paris terrorist attacks, you might imagine that a gathering in Canada to celebrate terrorists who committed similar atrocities would seem somewhat ill-timed.

Evidently, the University of Toronto Student Union’s “Social Justice and Equity Commission” disagrees with that premise.

  • Are there no patriots in Toronto attending that University. Are there no patriots or folks with common sense at all anymore inToronto? These animals should be shouted down and then shot down. How long till Toronto sees the results of their fullish Political Correctness.

    • mauser 98

      insanity now rules.. consider the last Fed & Provincial elections

    • H

      There are 300,000 muslims in Toronto now: It is no longer a Canadian city.

      • WalterBannon

        they should all be deported

  • mauser 98

    from the FB site… go figure

    • University of Toronto Students’ Union
    • Equity Studies Students’ Union
    • Black Students’ Association
    • Students Against Israeli Apartheid
    • Tamil Students Association

    • terrence

      These losers would be amongst the FIRST groups that mooslimes would attack – LGBTOUT, Blacks go first.

      They must have death wishes – appropriately enough.

      • mauser 98

        can’t fix stupid… moms SUV , IPhones , WiFi , Starbucks .. texting in passing lane 401.. we are fat ripe for invasion

  • mauser 98

    right side of FB page is link
    “I’m severely allergic to men, will there be any at this event?”
    “Any chance of dairy-free/vegan options?”

  • andycanuck

    I bet those racists are ignoring Mizzou too! White bastards!

  • mobuyus

    mosk burnt in Peterborough local cops investigating it as a hate crime. Will it still be a hate crime if the investigation leads to the imam, janitor or a fervent worshiper as always is the case? Buckle in for the old “backlash” and muslim victimhood again.

  • Shebel

    I am White—–” You Are A Racist !”

    I am a Christian —-” You Are An Islamophobe !”

    I am a Conservative—– ” Politics Of Division and Hate !”


  • Observer

    And this is funded by student dues levied by the students’ union but collected by the university administration!

    • Alain

      Yes, and I know I sound like a broken record when I keep repeating that students’ unions are an oxymoron. They do not work, produce and there are no working conditions or salaries to negotiate; therefore there is no such thing in reality as a students’ union. No need to ban them, just ensure that membership is voluntary, and that whatever they do, they do on their own time, their own dime (no enforced dues by the university administration), and in their own location, not funded or paid for by the university. My now adult children greatly resented being forced to fund these groups who did not in the least represent them, yet the university administration forced them to contribute the equivalent of union dues.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Set them all on fire.