I am not sure what this says…

But I believe it does not bode well for Europe’s future.

“Place de la Republique vigil”

  • Rondo



  • ntt1

    the french elites will ensure there is no popular uprising against state facilitated random execution . their media is already churning out pro muslim propaganda and the few shreds of masculine defense left in france are being raided and destroyed before they can attempt to salvage their nation. they are done like dinner …halal dinner

    • Our elites seem intent on destroying us.

      • lolwut?

        Then we must be intent on destroying them first.

    • EarlyBird

      A 9/11 would happened in France, with like 3000 deaths and major buildings in ruin, instead of what really happened that could qualify as a “casual” jihad Friday in Lebanon or Pakistan. The aftermath would have been the exact same: facebook profile pictures changed, selfies with doves, flowers, playing Imagine on the piano. There is a level of “acceptable violence” a certain portion of the population is ready to accept that goes to an insane level, that’s pretty scary, because I feel like they’re the majority.
      I still don’t get why so many people love the Imagine song, at least one of the asslifter landed in Greece in October, and made his way to France in a matter of weeks with weapons to self detonate downtown Paris. Imagine there’s no country, well that’s exactly that.
      By the way, to these facebook phonies, no one changed their profile pictures when that Russian plane crashed 2 weeks ago, where was the outrage? Russians aren’t as equal as French when they get murdered by asslifters?

  • Cat-astrophe

    They have the people of France right where they want them.
    The Wolf is everywhere and nowhere.

    • Yes they do.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Ditto for Toronto, should they choose to flex their muscles. I expect it any day now…..

        • Gary

          I’ve tried to get the TTC to realize that it’s a mistake to go WiFi in the Subway system since that how the Madrid slaughter was done by a Phone detonator once they called the number .
          We also have Omar Khadr on the lose who made IED’s and has full access to the media and society because the Liberal leftists paint him as innocent.
          Omar’s own Imam the Aly Hindy was once on the CBC and said that he coaches young muslims to stay in Canada for jihad and do it here to fight for the caliphate . Omar’s female relatives said that they hope their brothers die killing Canadians on our soil to be martyr’s for allah .

          It’s that same narrative every time that after the bombs go off the Media and Police scratch their heads for how this could happen and why nobody saw the signs.
          We had that Egyptian immigrant that was caught at Yonge and Bloor on the Subway while making a video from a hidden camera in his Tote bag that had a hole for the lens.
          Sheema Khan from the Hamas linked CAIR defended this man and staged a stunt to get several muslims with video cameras to go around the CN tower and Office building to film them and hope to be questioned as to cry racism and islamophobia.
          Khan had defended almost every suspected or arrested Muslim terrorism in Canada when she was at CAIR, she also used the CBC for Dawah and to spew fabricated hate-crimes even while the odd muslims was exposed for vandalizing the moques and muslim store .

          Justin is going to get us killed and then blame in on a youtube video that was anti-islam which provoked peaceful muslims to slaughter civilians.

    • Gary

      Don’t forget the support from the peaceful moderates in France that stay quiet along with the Mosques that harbour these savages .

    • Alain

      And this is not limited to France.

  • Surele Surele
  • tom_billesley

    Apparently some jokers decided to set off some fircrackers near Place de la Republique and the crowd thought it was gunfire and began to flee. Sort of people that’d look well hanging from lamp posts.

    • simus1

      The French are good at panic and making cheese.
      No mention if Emperor Barry allowed the French to drop their twenty bombs on targets of their own choice?

      • Gary

        When I saw the ISIS parade of cars and Pick-ups that was at least a 1/4 miles long I had wondered why Imam Obama didn’t send in the A-10 Tank Killers to slaughter the scum on the Highway of death .
        Then it hit me, Obama supports ISIS and islams crusade for the caliphate because these were sitting ducks with no where to run once the rain of death came down .
        Obama won’t bash islam or Muslims and yet mocks Christians and drags up the crusades that was a response to this type of muslims theft of land back then that was taken back by Christian .

        • simus1

          Emperor Barry and Hitlery helped to set up isis just like all the other syrian anti assad front groups. They presumed they and erdogan could exert a modicum of control over even the craziest mobs with rifles that showed up. Not exactly how it turned out.
          Unfortunately, the A-10s have been obsolete orphans on life support and very few in number for a very long time. Their life expectancy outside very primitive combat environments is very short.

          • mauser 98

            F35 money got to go sideways…

        • mauser 98

          satellites can read license plate from space .. cant see mile long Toyota truck convoy

    • mobuyus

      Or running from a thousand mile an hour hellfire.

    • Gary

      I thought it might have been that boy genius ClockMed Muhammad with a suitcase bomb for real now that his Dad conditioned people to not question a muslim student with a suitcase bomb.

      • mauser 98

        Ahmed the clockmaker

    • Exile1981

      Actually there where 4 incidents today where someone set off fireworks today causing panic. 1 was on the subway and all used identical sets of ling strips of crackers. This caused panic each time and some were syncronized. I’m goingto say since in all cases the perps ran off thatits muslim youths having fun.

  • ontario john

    Like Mark Steyn I am sick of the weeping, meaningless reactions to muslim atrocities. Every time muslims go on a rampage the media is full of crying, sorrowful people, but nothing is said or done about the root cause of the problem. And no its not about poverty and colonial attitudes that the media likes to paint. Its about a barbaric religion that imposes it”s sick beliefs by force on the world. And the elites that control the media, entertainment, political and even business world in the West are traitors for covering it up. Indeed they encourage more islamic influence and immigration. And no dissenting voices are allowed on the public stage by these leftist traitors who call any dissenters far right nazis. Leftist agendas have taken over and in a few days we will be saturated with G20 news about global warming scams and how we can bring more barbarians into the West.

    • mobuyus

      Don’t worry madona put on her show and cried,cold play played imagine and bono piped in with some thing about standing with the people of France.

    • mauser 98

      The Sun King selfie at G20

      can’t wait for Sun King , Teflon Dyke selfie at Paris COP21 carbon tax rape jamboree