France’s Resounding Security Failure

The wave of terror that washed over Paris on Friday night is only the most recent one and the most severe in the chain of terrorist attacks in France and its capital in recent years.

France in general, and Paris specifically, have experienced terror throughout many periods in history, the last meaningful wave coming during the war in Algeria. Even though France has faced grave attacks before, such as Mohammed Merah’s murder spree in Toulouse three years ago, the current wave, the scope of which is becoming more apparent Saturday, is being categorized as the most violent series of events since World War II.

  • mauser 98

    … something in the water

    German minister: Refugees not to blame for Paris terror attacks

    • Justin St.Denis

      But they ARE to blame according to French authorities – at least in two cases.

      • Xavier

        Outliers. Just ignore those uncomfortable facts.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Like too-small shoes? Not fucking likely! 😉

    • DMB

      I really wonder how many treasonous politicians during the up coming climate change scam conference in Paris will use the recent terrorist attack in Paris and blame it on climate change as just another excuse to push for a legally binding global cap and trade system in order to in act their global socialist agenda. I have no doubt Justin will do that.

  • Xavier

    Deport all Moslems and execute any who return, or submit.

    • V10_Rob

      The problem is that always seems to far exceed the original mandate…

      I think we could make a major dent just by refusing to give any respect to Islam as a religion, and going out of our way to make it known it exists under our barest sufferance. As in, people are free to worship as they please in private, but we will do nothing to accommodate you, or pretend that you are to be treated as an equal to other major faiths. We will regard you as being in the same category as fringe cults and pretend religions like Jedis or Cthulhu worshippers.

      Use their death cult’s beliefs against them. Bury dead terrorists with a freshly slaughtered hog, douse prisoners with bacon fat, that sort of thing. I’m not saying torture or physically abuse, but we can completely deny them any dignity, and if we can’t make them fear death, we can instill dread on terms they will respond to.

      • Xavier

        Islam is not a religion. The sooner we can say that out loud, and address it in our laws, the safer we will be.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Ok, I have been ascribing responsibility for the candles-and-flowers tributes following terrorist attacks to lonely spinsters in pet-free inner-city apartment buildings. I assume I was wrong or that there are WAY, WAY more spinsters out there than anybody ever guessed.

  • Everyone Else

    fuck you haaretz

    France’s “security failure” kept the jihadists out of the soccer stadium