Brit woman arrested over beauty salon ‘ban on Muslims’ after Paris terror attacks

POLICE have arrested a woman suspected of saying Muslims were not welcome at a beauty salon in light of the Paris terror attacks.

If I ever own a hair dressing salon I will make certain to employ a Guard Pig.

  • simus1

    But jihadis target beauty parlours for destruction, as well as their unaccompanied by males sinfully vain customers, plus the presence of male hairdressers, because they are all various manifestations of unislamic misbehaviour. The owner has a right to protect herself nez pas?

  • Martin B

    Are there no jihadists to arrest anywhere in the length and breadth of Britain?

    • Evidently the authorities have identified the real threat!

  • Xavier

    I heard the judge made her sing Imagine 10 times as punishment.

    It’s like Ave Marias for Communists.

    • Clausewitz

      That’s not Penance, it’s unspeakable torture.

  • karra

    Used to walk a beat in Hackney – can’t believe one can be arrested for this.

  • Tokenn

    And here’s the problem in a nutshell. No matter how hard we bomb jihadists in the ME, or how closely security services ‘keep tabs’ on possible jihadists at home, we won’t make inroads against the soft jihad until we can criticize it and discriminate against Muslims at home. We need to be able to treat Muslims about half as badly as Christians and Jews [and atheists and pagans] are treated in Islamic countries. No anti-Muslim riots…no vigilantism…no violence…just make sure they know we won’t take their bullshit any more and that they are _not_ welcome in The West. Unless, perhaps they agree to renounce violence, accept secular values and standards and assimilate.

    Sadly, one is about as likely as the other….

    • canminuteman

      There was a story in the Daily Mail the other day about clothing being manufactured in Turkey, the details don’t matter. I commented, “Don’t do business with mu sl ims”, written like that. It was published then pulled down and I got an email saying that there had been complaints that it violated community standards, so it was removed.

      I bet the plods now have my name on a data base of people to be arrested for offending muslims. Luckily I live in Canada so I should be safe, at least until PM Zoolander gets the Canadian Thought Police up and running.

      • Tokenn

        Well buddy…after some of the stuff I’ve put on Facebook, I suspect that come the day, I’ll be headed to the guillotine right along side you…