5,800 jihadists in France. No wonder they are fighting an unwinnable war against terror

France is fighting an unwinnable war against the rising threat of Islamic terrorism, leading French terror experts warned last night.

Disaffected Muslim populations at home, unpoliced European borders and battle-hardened fighters now flowing in from Syria and Iraq were creating a perfect storm of terror that is now in danger of defeating the French security services.

France is estimated to have 2,000 citizens involved in Syrian and Iraq jihadi networks and a further 3,800 individuals known to domestic intelligence services as “radicalised”, all watched over by just 3,200 intelligence officers.

They should just ask Justin, he’ll take a couple thousand off their hands.

Our own numbers are likely comparable on a per capita basis.

Thanks to our political class the barbarians are already inside the gate.

  • African

    Can they simply deport them to their islamic hellholes? It is their country, their homeland after all. It is like someone who comes in your house as a guest and then start murdering your own family members and you can’t do anything about?
    What the hell is wrong with the Western world? Where did the common sense go?

    • Ron MacDonald

      Deport! Killing them is a better solution.

      • African

        And yet Justin Trudeau is about to bring 25000 more muslims from Syria in five weeks and Canadian society who elected him is silent thinking this is ‘a cool’ idea! Something is really and seriously wrong with people in the Western world and there is no hope that there will be a change.

        • Ron MacDonald

          The National Council of Canadian Muslims help

          • African

            Real Canadians should wake up and reclaim their country now. If I were a real Canadian, I would be leading an army of truth now!

  • Cat-astrophe

    Justin would sit down face to face and ask them: “tell me, what are you feeling right now?” “What can WE change to make you feel more welcome?”

  • mobuyus

    Stop watching the radicalized and start killing the fuckers wherever they are. WE are in a war. Justin is taking selfies with delegates at the G20.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Humiliating time to be Canadian.

      • mobuyus

        I’ve been noticing more people in public wearing paper bags.

      • Alain

        I have seen plenty of federal governments which certainly gave me nothing to feel pride in my country, but this is the first time that I find a government being such a total international embarrassment. It is enough to make one sick to the stomach.

  • Dana Garcia

    Can’t the French make it a crime to fight for a foreign power? Imprisoning some might help a little, make them easier to surveil at least.

    • Justin St.Denis

      But concepts like “treason” are so old-hat.

    • Alain

      Imprisoning them is a major and costly mistake. Surely we have learned that by now.

      • Minicapt

        But if we don’t feed them, or provide amenities …


  • Liberal Progressive

    There is no greater right than the right to citizenship. Being a citizen is something that can never be taken away for any reason or citizenship means nothing.

    • Denis

      If we as a country grant you citizenship then you MUST adhere to our rules. you come here to kill us you will be lucky if we only strip you of your citizenship

    • Alain

      Citizenship is NOT a right.

  • Denis

    I fully expect our new fearless leader to welcome all those “persecuted” moslems from Europe to seek asylum in Canada!

  • Over 11,000 are classed ‘S’, i.e. “radicalized” and therefore potentially terrorist. Sarkosy proposed today to put as electronic bracelet on all of them, and confine them to their homes.

    • Alain

      I always laugh when I read “radicalised” Muslims, because were the same people talking about Catholics, a practising Catholic would be the equivalent of a radicalised Muslim.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        And look at all the horrible carnage the Catholics are … oh, wait …

      • Yes, more euphemism. Language of denial and pretense.

        The authorities fear two things: the uprising of the mass of Muslims, or that of the indignant non-Muslims. Either way it would be anarchy, riots, civil war, that they cannot control and that would make them lose power and even risk their own skins.