Your Morning Cuteness

Let us, for a moment, put behind the chaos and horror of the world for some cute animals.


Orphan Kitten Saved By Retired Guard Dog



Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a male Rothschild Giraffe. The calf was born October 25th and stands tall at 1.5 meters (5 feet) and weighs an estimated 45 kg (99 lbs.).

The giraffe calf made his first outside appearance in the Dublin Zoo’s African Savanna at four-days-old. He joins a herd of eight Rothschild Giraffes at Dublin Zoo.


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  • Rick McGinnis

    A plastic tub FULL of baby sloths. (bites knuckle.)

  • John cute!

  • Gary

    The sloth is getting ready of a CUPE or OPSEU job-4-life with a gold-plated pension to even less work .

  • Blacksmith

    Good stuff.