Justin Trudeau Useful Idiot

Paris Attacks Will Not Change PM Useful Idiot’s Stance On Syrian Refugees

Paris attacks won’t affect Trudeau’s stance on refugees, fighter jets

The deadly terror attacks in Paris will not lead Canada to change course on its two main policies in relation to Syria: welcoming 25,000 refugees this year and ending Canada’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Turkey Saturday for a meeting of G20 world leaders that is now expected to be dominated by debate over how the international community should respond to the wave of attacks.

  • Jim Horne

    Was Migrant Who Registered as a Refugee in Greece Paris Terrorist?

    The only question remaining unanswered today is when another terror attack occurs in Canada, how much blood will be on Liberal hands.

    • andycanuck

      Apparently a second terrorist had a Greek-stamped Syrian passport too. (Three others were from Belgium; one other currently unknown.)

    • Thank your nearest Liberal voter. Make sure he/she dresses the wounds of a terrorism victim who had his leg blown off.

  • Clink9

    He’s stupider than his mother and more dangerous.

    Fuddle Duddle.

    • Gary

      His dad mocked the threat by Hitler and the Nazi’s because he said they were an Anglo problem for England and not a issue for the French .
      Right , that was before June 1940 .

      No his idiot son thinks that the islamists are a threat for the Middle east and not the West. Somehow the 600,000 muslims that came into Canada since 9/11 were all the peaceful ones .

  • Martin B

    Nothing will affect his stance, because he’s an empty vessel that sinister advisors have filled with shit.

  • Armaros

  • Liberal Progressive

    The big problem is where are we going to house all these poor refugees.

    That could all be solved if only Justin would legalise euthanasia, so the terminally ill, chronically ill or severely depressed could make room for all these refugees who will be such a boom to our economy. Still there might be doctors afraid of any stigma so the government might want to open public centres where people could anonymously go and where the workers would all be anonymous until it becomes an accepted practice and all the stigma disappears.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      There is plenty of room for these refugees on Baffin Island.

      • Yo Mama

        That should even make Al Gore happy, by providing food for the poor starving Polar Bears!

    • mobuyus

      Maybe liberal progressives could voluntarily have themselves liquidated to make way for these poor refugees. With so many idealistic young liberal progressives, willing to sacrifice for these poor refugees,( and at the same time in a principled show of sanctimony shake off the chains of white privilege, that they have suffered greatly under)this whole scheme could be done on an industrial scale, going forward. Before you go you could stock your fridges and cupboards with welcoming edibles for the new occupants of your house and life.

    • mauser 98

      your refugees are not poor… ISIS sheepshagger deserters
      you are chronically ill and severely depressed
      you can house them , you adopt them .. if you don’t you are a racist
      your sonofawhore leader is a racist

    • mauser 98

      your best bet is to commit suicide
      your sonofawhore leader should too
      stop being selfish

  • Good luck Canada.

    You have a bigger fool than Obozo leading the country.

    • ontario john

      Yes, but we have great homosexual parades.

      • Gary

        ISIS will put a stop to that with pressure cooker bombs right before they send suicide bombers into the gay bars .
        Poor Susan G Cole, she refuses to condemn islamic homophobia and has joined the GayStapo Pink Shirts to bash white Christian str8 males as the real threat to gays .
        She’s a lesbian feminists and jewish , how stupid can one person be to even support the pro-hamas groups in the pride parade .

    • mobuyus

      They got the same boss.

      • Alain


  • Shebel

    The next 2 weeks are going to define Justin.

  • Gary

    It made me sick to see the media and the Syrian community try to claim that they are being attacked in Canada by racism and bigotry to be against the 25,000 refugees coming to Canada.
    This is another ruse by muslims to cry racism and aid in their islamists brothers getting into Canada. I have no problem with 25,000 Christians from Syria coming in because THEY are productive and would feel shame if still on welfare in 20 years like we see for many the Somali refugees on Dixon rd .

    How dare these Syrain muslims play the victim when islam is slaughtering all the christians in their homeland while muslims here have plotted acts of terrorism on us.

    Don’t forget that Maher Arar was a Syrian and once he got his passport and a wife they globe trotted to chum around with suspected terrorists in the guise of being on ” Vacation ” in a terrorist producing Nation according to the UN.
    The media didn’t tell the truth that they got in trouble and then changed their story so Canada would bail them out . I followed the Inquiry and not once did the CBC report on what I saw come out that didn’t look good for the Arar’s . Arar was a draft-dodger which Liberals and the NDP love , so when he was nabbed in JORDAN to be taken back home for a Military trial he got his wife to use the Canadian media and claim he was being tortured because the USA grabbed him in New York to send there to be tortured .
    This back stabbing weasel used extortion to sue Canada for $400,000,000.00 with the help of the Hamas-funding CAIR which ended up looking bad for him and he jumped at taking $10.2 million to f-off and avoid wasting a long Trial that he would lose.
    This closet al-qaeda supporter was fingered by Omar Khadr for being at a Jihadist training camp in Afghanistan , he denied it but didn’t even show up to give evidence at the Inquiry named after him.
    He also didn’t show up as a witness for the 2 other jihadists he siad were in the syrian jail next to his cell and were also using extortion to get money from Canada.

    Recently , the Arar’s were upset that Canada wouldn’t help them get Travel clearance fly to Saudi Arabia for a ” Vacation” as they did to Vacation in Tunisia .

    Do we need 25,000 more Maher Arar’s that will leave Canada on our Passport to get in trouble and once back in Canada they will sue us.

    • Alain

      Puppet Trudeau has now stated that the government is considering granting compensation to Omar Khadr. That is the green light for Omar to sue.

  • Reader
  • Worthless b@$#@rd.