Paris Attacks: What We Know and Don’t Know

• How many people died?

Most of the 127 confirmed fatalities resulted from the mass shooting at a rock concert in the center of the city around 9 p.m. local time. Other deaths came after suicide bombings and shootings around the same time in five other locations, including restaurants and a soccer stadium.

Nearly 300 people were wounded, at least 80 of them in critical condition, Paris hospitals say. Hospitals are full today, and people are lined up to give blood.

It is the worst terrorist attack in Europe in 11 years, since the 2004 coordinated bombings of commuter trains in Madrid killed 191 and wounded 1,800.

Seven of the Paris attackers died in suicide bombings, and an eighth was shot by police. Officials say accomplices may still be at large.

• Was the Islamic State responsible?

The French president says yes, and a statement from the Islamic State militant group concurs.

Secretary of State John Kerry, in Vienna for talks with other foreign ministers over the Syria conflict, condemned the attacks but did not name the militant group, also called ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, an Arabic acronym.

American officials in Washington on Saturday did not dispute the French president’s conclusion.

Still, the authorities have not yet indicated whether they know the identities of the eight attackers, including whether they were French.

We also don’t know what intelligence led President François Hollande to blame the group, or whether the attackers received training, weapons or bomb material from the Islamic State.

• What is Paris like today?

The capital is under a heavy police presence, and checks at France’s borders have been reinstated. Air travel continues but with significant security-related delays.

Public protests — a constitutional right in France — are prohibited in Paris and some of the surrounding departments until Thursday.

Events (tonight’s U2 concert in Paris, a large photography exhibit) are canceled. Schools, cultural places and other venues (the Eiffel Tower, movie theaters, Disneyland Paris, department stores) are closed.

The French president declared three days of mourning, and officials are advising Parisians to stay home. A memorial Mass is set for the Cathedral of Notre-Dame on Sunday evening.

• Other recent terror activity?

On Thursday, more than 40 people were killed in Beirut, Lebanon, in a bombing that targeted Iran’s Hezbollah allies. Earlier this month, more than 200 people died in the explosion of a Russian charter jet over Egypt.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for both, and, now with Paris, the events suggest that the regional war has transformed into a global one.

In January, Paris suffered another massacre, when 17 people were killed at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and in related attacks around the French capital.

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    So when Hollande calls for border controls it’s peachy keen, but when LePen demands similar it’s a case of xenophobia

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  • Agence France Presse erases terror attacks on Israel from history. French press agency AFP publishes a chronology of worldwide Islamist terror attacks from 9/11 to Paris – just one country missing from list – Israel.

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