NPR Descends into Utter Worthlessness and Moral Bankruptcy In Their Latest “Backlash” non-Story

npr_logo_feature[1]NPR’s Scott Simon speaks with Samia Hathroubi, European director of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, about what conversations in Muslim Parisian communities may sound like in the coming days.

SIMON: And remind us please what happened in Paris and a few spots elsewhere in the country following the – the Charlie Hebdo attacks ’cause there were – there were backlashes, if I might put it that way, against Muslims and Jews.

HATHROUBI: Exactly. So we have fears that after Charlie Hebdo – they sent us the first letter of terror. And we respond by being together, even if we have seen and we have witnessed the rise of anti-Muslim acts, of Islamophobia. We have seen and I have seen in my daily work mistrust between Muslim and Jewish communities. This is my daily work. But I’ve – I have also seen a rise of awareness, a rise of people willing to act on a daily basis, to be the light in their society, to be the light in the community, to lead a better change. And – and we need to continue. They sent us a letter of terror to try to divide us.

SIMON: Yeah.



  • Guaranteed that progressives will line up to lick Muslim Ass within minutes of a current atrocity.

    • Maneki-neko

      Solidarity bro.

    • Alain

      Already started.

    • Concerned Canadian

      I watched a Mark Steyn interview this morning where he very clearly articulated the problem that Islam presents to the West and why they do what they do. He has been doing this for a number of years. Yet, during the day I heard journalist after journalist wonder just what motivates the Jihadists. It is all so depressing.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      You’re right; less than a day after 9/11 while body parts were still being dug out of the wreckage people were positively wetting themselves trying to show how non-Islamophobic they were, waving signs saying “Islam is Not the Problem”, non-Muslims volunteering to guard mosques, non-Muslim women donning the hijab “in solidarity” with poor persecuted Muslim women, all in anticipation of a horrible wave of angry redneck backlash that never occurred.

  • Maneki-neko

    Most European anti-Semitism today is Muslim anti-Semitism.

    Let’s be clear Islam is the problem, Muslims are the embodiment of Islam.

  • jackburns

    NPR receives 5.8% of its funding from the federal government. This embarrassing POS should be defunded and their “stars” mercilessly mocked.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      NPR is to American taxpayers what the CBC is to Canadian taxpayers.

      • Frau Katze

        Except CBC gets a lot more govt money. But the mentality is the same.

  • Alain

    Aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war used to be called treason. My goodness, how times have changed.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Backlash” is a magic word that liberals utilize to shield any immigrant group or individual that has committed a crime or some terror. Scott Simon couldn’t wait to use it.

    What’s remarkable is how such an obvious ruse is often effective among the weak minded.

    • Alain

      On the topic of backlash, it is far past time for some good authentic backlash to begin.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    “Backlashes against Muslims and Jews”…WTF? How can there be “backlashes” against the Jews when they were the ones who got killed? And as for backlashes against Muslims, there weren’t any, as far as I know…maybe that’s part of the problem.

  • roccolore

    The left wlll cry “Islamophobia” and blame the Jews like always.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Were you expecting anything different from Scott Simon? Seriously, was anyone?