How we finally got Jihadi John: GCHQ helped spot him in June, drones followed him for weeks… then 1,000mph missile slammed into his car

For obvious security reasons, neither the Ministry of Defence nor the Pentagon have revealed precisely how Jihadi John was tracked down and killed.

But it is possible to assemble the likely sequence of events by drawing on intelligence sources, the scant details we have been given – and from the experience of previous drone strikes.

After this sinister masked figure first appeared on YouTube in August last year, British and US intelligence services were straight on his trail, crucially helped by voice-tagging technology.

  • Barrington Minge

    Interesting photograph.
    If you can see ISIS Main HQ, the Islamist Court and the Sharksa Moske, why the hell don’t you toast the whole lot? Three Hellfire missliles and a whole lot less muslim nutters.
    JUST DO IT!!

    • lolwut?

      Because you risk destroying your source of intel

      People coming and going from that building can lead you to more valuable targets.

      • juandos

        You make a good point, one I can’t disagree with it even a little bit…

        Still there would be for me at least immense satisfaction if they carpet bombed everything within a fifty mile radius of that mosque…

  • Everyone Else

    horrifying bottom picture in dailymail link

    man being crucified, kids and ordinary city bus going past