European Civilization Kneeling Down to Islam

Islam has attempted to conquer Christian Europe since its beginning. In the year 654, Muslims invaded Cyprus. Immediately after that, they started attacking the peaceful Christian communities in the Mediterranean. During 711-788, they conquered the Iberian Peninsula, first Spain, then Portugal and Andorra, followed by the Southern parts of present-day Italy including Malta in 827.

However, Christian Europe prevented the Arab invaders from conquering entire Europe. They fought the Arab invaders tooth and nail, and eventually expelled them from the European continent. Islamic Arab invaders were able to enslave over a million Christian women and girls, who were sold to the Islamic territories. During their campaigns of conquest, they used to rape the enslaved women and girls, and treat them barbarically – the same tradition being followed even today by ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Islam, since its birth, has always been a religion of sexual cruelty.

Past Muslim rulers and their Islamic armies failed to conquer the European nations. Now Muslims have adopted a new strategy to take over Europe through their asylum seekers and refugees manpower.

  • Ron MacDonald

    This is what happens when nations are led by Leftists and Progressives.

    • First of all, let’s stop letting leftists/liberals set the narrative. There is nothing about these losers that progressive. These clowns would have everyone live in a state of fear, ignorance and serfdom. They are regressive in every respect. Let’s stop stroking their paper-thin egos.

      Secondly, unless Hollande is willing to raze entire neighbourhoods to the ground (as he should have done after the Charlie Hebdo attacks) none of this will go away. As Islamists understand only force, then force must be shown.

      • mobuyus

        And understood!

        • Laura Phillips

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        • I’m sorry but this point aggravates me no end. These Cro-Magnon thugs do not get to tell me how to term them.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • ismiselemeas

    They’re fucked, we will win. Simple as that. Unfortunately a number of people will die in order to achieve the correct result.

    • mobuyus

      There are 6.5 billion people that are getting rather tired of these islamic fuckers, you are right they are fucked, big fucking time.

    • WalterBannon

      We are fucked. They will win as long as we have treasonous scum like Obama, Hollande, Trudeau, Merkel and Cameron in charge.

      • Bruised Orange

        good point we need a Truman and a Churchill

        • Xavier

          We need Vlad Tepes.

          • WalterBannon

            we need a coup

          • Xavier

            We need a coup-le coups. Maybe a handful.

  • Europeans are done for. They don’t get it and it is hopeless trying to tell them what they’re facing. Islam vs European Union. Too bad they both can’t win.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam should be exterminated.

  • wallyj180

    My view on the situation has been called simplistic.
    I agree, it is.

    Israel and Europe may cease to exist.
    Yes, that is a possible, if not probable outcome.

    I say we pull our military out of the area.
    No more refugees from islam.
    NOT ONE.
    The Israelis can make their own choice.
    The Europeans must do the same.
    We will welcome both.

    Our military will be deployed like a game of ‘Risk’.
    Surround our borders. Resist the rest.

    If anyone has a better idea, lets hear it.

    • Pyotr

      Why surrender anything to those bastards? Attack. Even when you are weak and arguably, especially when you are weak, attack. Ideologically, economically, and, inevitably, militarily. Drive them out of their hiding places in the banlieues and no-go zones, Fort Dearborn, Londinistan and elsewhere.

      If we keep saying “This can’t be done” then it can’t be done. It CAN be done and the West needs to rediscover the will and survival instinct in order to do it.

    • Xavier

      That would set up a scenario where the US would have to fight an entirely Islamic and nuclear armed world.

    • Xavier

      Do you think we can fight the rest of the world when it is controlled by crazed jihadists with nuclear weapons?

      • mobuyus

        6.5 billion somewhat peaceful educated industrious militarily experienced people against i.3 billion illiterate inbred cowards and child rapists. I think we’ll win.

        • Xavier

          I would not want to face an Islamic empire made up of the Middle East and Europe.

          They may be sand monkeys but they would be sand monkeys with nuclear weapons.

  • mauser 98

    Mr Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

    Schengen Agreement, which abolished the EU’s internal borders, enabling passport-free movement across most of the bloc.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe western civilization in Europe is done. They tried it, to varying degrees of success and failure for a thousand years and now they’re done. Try something else. Try sharia. They tried Stalinism didn’t really like it, too drab. They tried Nazism, didn’t like it, too too hysterical. Try sharia. Burn the libraries, museums and churches, put sheets on the women, exterminate the Jews and anyone else who won’t bow down. Kill all the gays, kneel to Mecca and such. Maybe that’s all that this is. A continent wide consumer choice.