Dear pampered little asshats,

From newser John Hawkins:

An Open Letter To All The Fragile College Students In Their Safe Spaces

Nobody wants to hear a college student from freaking YALE complain about how tough and racist it is at college.

Newsflash, you pampered little asshats! It doesn’t matter what color you are: if you’re going to college in America, you’re one of the most privileged, least discriminated-against people on Planet Earth.

I can’t even tell you how pathetic it is to hear pampered kids TWEET about racism like it’s the 1940s because of First World Problems most people don’t even consider a mild inconvenience.

He also notes,

Incidentally, I don’t want to make this sound like black college students are the only ones acting like fragile little flowers. There also seems to be an almost unlimited supply of airheaded white kids who are also marching and making demands.

We demand that our student loans be paid off! We demand free college! We demand a $15 minimum wage! More.

No indeed! It was largely white students who, in a typical show of cultural imperialism, perfected the art of being useless, whiny, pampered little parasites, dorking out on campus at someone else’s expense.

Unfortunately, fellow taxpayer, it could be yours or mine.

Why not lobby for an end to funding for arts programs? It’s generally the STEM students whose skills we actually need.

People can freak out about their problems on their own dime or on welfare.

See also: Delicate campus flowers need careful parenting To grow up into some pretty vicious ‘cratweeds, it seems.

  • Bingo.

    It’s time to leave First World snowflakes in some hellhole and walk away. Then they can complain about not having lattes.

  • Xavier

    They’re bullies. Stand up to them and they shrivel. Anything else emboldens them. Academia won’t stop them because it believes the snowflakes are justified. When this migrates to the real world, the question is, “Which side will our scumbag politicians take?”

    I know, and so do you.

  • chuck_2012

    my take on this is these majority black protesters are too stupid to do the course work required so a dodge is needed. its a variation of putting on the massa.

  • barryjr

    I’ll throw this out there. I read it and my wife had to tell at me to quit swearing the grandchildren are here.

  • ntt1

    We invested in RESPs for our kids way back when they were toddlers. RESPs are a great way to build a nest egg dedicated to future education .Yet many funds are quite specific as to what areas of study are eligible. All STEMs of course but no technical or art colleges are allowed. My point is dedicating education resources is not new and the inclusion of puff courses in arts and humanities would help quell these cesspits of anarchy.
    I would love to see a comparison of payback rates for student loans on a faculty by faculty basis. Empirically I suspect the arts and humanities has way more deadbeats refusing to refund the tax sourced loans that got them their queer studies degree. mostly because their imagined high paying job just doesn’t exist although inroads are being bullied open like the rapidly corrupting human resources field