Canadian PM Useful Idiot ignores Islamic nature of Paris attacks

In his statements, Trudeau completely refrained from referencing the the Islamist terrorists who conducted the attack, their motivations and ideology. He also did not mention how the attacks might affect the national security of Canada.

Under Trudeau’s new government, Canada has launched a new “balanced foreign policy” in the Middle East that includes a willingness to dialogue with Iran, and the Lebanese coalition government that includes the Iran terror proxy Hezbollah.

  • DMB

    I predict Justin will blame the Paris terrorist attack on climate change.

    • BillyHW
      • V10_Rob

        I applaud Trudeau and Sanders for sticking to their guns on this.

        It discredits the useful idiots, it discredits the climate scam, and it discredits the excuse that terrorists are justified (If you’re talking oil and propping up corrupt regimes, that’s at least a start of an argument, but if you’re trying to convince us they hate us because we broke the WEATHER…).

      • DMB

        Maurice Strong the father of the modern day climate change scam is a Socialist like Bernie Sanders. Socialists love redistribution of wealth schemes such as carbon trading through cap and trade.

  • Jay Currie

    Well, to be fair, he managed to call it a terrorist attack. Baby steps.

    Justin is getting schooled. In both senses of that word. The question is how quick a student he is.

    • Laura Phillips

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    • Clausewitz

      I don’t see a lot of hope for his ability to retain anything this lite weight ever learns. Basically he only follows what last he heard.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Balanced! It will biased in favor of RagHeads.

  • Do not file a tax return this year. If the Right Honourable Douchebag insists on getting blood from stones and spilling blood then he can do it without your cash.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau is a scumbag

  • V10_Rob

    Trudeau II will invoke the War Measures Act and mobilize the troops… to make sure Canadians don’t burn crosses and torch mosques and string up every brown person they can find. You know, the same indiscriminate mob violence and bloody retribution Canadians embark on every other time there was a terror attack somewhere in the western world.

    • Denis

      I am waiting for him to ban privately owned guns in Canada to protect moslems from the attacks from right wing christian nutjobs who “always” attack moslems after a terrorist attack!

  • Liberal Progressive

    Justin will protect us all by fighting Global Warming and shutting down all tar sands production and making all of our energy generation by solar and wind energy.

    He will talk and reason with those freedom fighters we have aggrieved in the Umma.

    He will open our doors to those wanting a better life and start funding those immigrant groups nonprofit and charitable groups again like Palestine House.

    He will implement employment equity so that new Canadians can get jobs quickly.

    And he will fight any possibility of terrorism by getting CSIS to hire experts from the National Council of Canadian Muslims and other experts from the moderate Muslim community like Zafar Bangash and Khaled Mouammar.

    Let’s hope Prime Minister Trudeau can work out a deal with Vladimir Putin to guard our arctic shores from the capitalist pirates of the United States and saving us money we wasted on having an armed forces.

    We will again be known for being a world leader in peace and the environment.