Blacks and Mexicans Fight Over Hawthorne High’s Only Remaining Safe Space

The ethnic cleansing of blacks by Mexicans continues unnoticed and unabated in L.A..

Hawthorne High School is 75 percent Hispanic, 16 percent black, 3 percent Asian, and 2 percent White.

By the estimate of a Hawthorne Police Lieutenant about 200 to 300 students joined in multiple fights that just seemed to spread.

“I seen girls on girls, guys hitting girls,” student Cameron Graham said.

On Thursday, 30 students were identified, suspended and, in some cases, permanently expelled. Three others were arrested for felony assaults on officers, where one was kicked in the head.

Since Tuesday’s brawl, social media posts have popped up threatening more trouble. A mother, who did not want to be identified, blamed lax discipline at the school.

“It is No. 1 in truancy. It’s No. 1 in drugs. It’s No. 1 in violence,” she said.

Thirty-two school security officers and staff from the district office were deployed to keep the peace. The deployment will last at least until the Thanksgiving break.

About the cause of the violence, school officials said though it appears race played a role in how the fights spread, they don’t know if race was behind the first punch that was thrown.

  • mauser 98

    minorities do not like each other
    many or most are racist

    • Cat-astrophe

      Ha, majorities like minorities even more! Or is it the other way around. Whatever, just despise the other guy.
      I know, if you can’t be with the one you hate, then hate the one your with!!

      • mauser 98

        especially in higher education ranks

  • Martin B

    3 percent Asian, and 2 percent white…any white or Asian parents who send their kids to a dump like this must be desperately poor or utterly insane.

    • mauser 98

      the latter

  • Gary

    La Raza is a Brown supremacy group and it means The Race.
    Obama has a self hatred because he’s not really white nor is he fully black, he’s from a privileged background of money and Education while having no true roots in the USA while his Kenyan roots are of good breeding and no slavery.

    Basically , I see him as only being able to pretend to be oppressed and feel the pain of the Poor, Blacks , labourers , feminists, gays and so on.
    He has no pigeon hole to be put in as a minority other than a privileged Brown White heterosexual male from wealth which is the same group he demonizes to fuel racism and riots .
    Also, he was a failure as a muslim , then a failure as a Christian and now he’s flooding the USA with a Brown supremacy group that will take over Detroit, Chicago and push the majority of low income blacks out of their jobs.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Obama hates ideologies not race, me thinks now.

      • mauser 98

        no Bummer hates whites … Mooch despises them

    • Frances

      “Kenyan roots… slavery” – don’t count on it. Slavery has existed in Africa for centuries. Probably were owners, though.

      • Gary

        I referring to his dad , not Africa in general .

        • Frances

          Actually, Gary, so was I. The Maasai are warriors; they wouldn’t easily become enslaved. But they could have had slaves, were that beneficial to their economy.

          Given the British presence in Kenya, slavery would not have been allowed over the last century or so. The question then becomes simply; what is the likelihood of Obama’s paternal ancestors and relatives being part of the slave trade? Wikipedia states that “The Maasai people stood against slavery..” but that is an extremely ambiguous statement. Did they stand against slavery as being slaves, as slave owners, or as slave sellers? And how recent is this sentiment? Maps show major slave-trading routes through Kenya, so the Maasai would have been very aware of its existence. Even if they chose not to own slaves themselves (and were, no doubt, extremely adverse to becoming slaves), did they facilitate the passage of more docile tribes through their lands to the Middle East?

  • Cat-astrophe

    Oh my God! It’s getting too darn funny!
    Its just like a pile of snow (or dirt) in an elementary school playground:)
    I’m the king of the Safe Space, and your a dirty rascal!
    What absolute selfish, childish behaviour.
    Is this the result of all that “what about little Johnnies self esteem from the 90’s on?
    It’s still so damn cute they are all wanting the same little space all for themselves….ha ha….ahhhhh
    PS: Watching the video I see the problem right away. They have a White Principle. WTF, ain’t it obvious?

  • Maneki-neko

    Likely related to gangs more so then legitimate racism tensions. Gang members should all be arrested for trespassing.

  • Dana Garcia

    Before he died in 2010, Terry Anderson had a radio show where he “articulated the popular rage” including the story of what had happened to black Americans in South Central Los Angeles since the illegal aliens started arriving in droves.

  • Not bad – the two most racist groups in the USA fight each other.

    • Clausewitz

      This is what’s known as a self limiting problem.

  • canminuteman

    When your school needs 32 security officers, maybe it’s just better to give up on public education.