A Plague of Racial Hoaxes on Campus

The two well publicized incidents of racism on the University of Missouri campus, consisting of offensive slurs directed at African-American students, have not been independently confirmed. That does not indicate that these events never happened, and to suggest that they did not unduly maligns the characters of those leveling these accusations. Even after the investigations into these incidents are complete, we might never know the truth about them. It is that ambiguity that makes the school’s excessive reaction to these charges so disturbing.

  • Maneki-neko
  • ntt1

    It is all about feelings now, facts ceased to matter sometime ago the media is a perfect example ; rather and mapes lied, fabricated “evidence” and when confronted claimed that it was in “essence” true even if facts contradicted their story. It is an underlying theme of progressivism that emotions rule, not rational thought this is why an ex athlete can put on a dress, score some after market bolt on boobs and can be feted as courageous and brave, even though he is still a complete functioning male.

  • Minicapt

    Young master Rothman is experiencing difficulties developing his under-utilisd skill of “making distinctions”.


  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s like Maoism or the Salem Witch Trials. Denunciations and claims of this that or the other, are sufficient. Things will only get worse and if you’re expecting people to eventually laugh at all of this you’re wrong.