The Fear of Being Called Phobic

A friend of mine recently told me of his pal’s ethical struggles during a visit to the formerly English nation of England. Names have been changed to protect the phobic

  • “Islamophobic” is a coined term meant to shut up discussion about the reality of Islam.

    My, how well it has worked.

    The discussion needs to move on to the “reality of Islam”, not get stuck on the word “Islamophobia”.

    Let’s get it started.

    “Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult”.
    Read it all at:

    • Alain

      Indeed and the same applies to “homophobia” and a few other invented words.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Living with a gay guy for a year, getting hit on by the Gollum sized German bellman at work and others who I worked with in the hospitality industry and having a lesbian aunt did not make me homophobic.
        It just reinforced the fact that I am not easily persuaded.

        • Alain

          That is because there is no such thing as “homophobia”. Either not following the life style or rejecting it for yourself has nothing to do with fear/phobia.

  • Clausewitz

    It’s not a phobia if you have good reason to be fearful of a particular person or group. Once again the progressives trying to change our language to meet their political agenda.

  • terrence

    I think “picture” says it better