Sweden Democrats Flyering Migrants In Greece: ‘Our Wealth Is Gone… You Will Be Sent Home’

A group of young political activists volunteering with anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats have travelled to Greece to inform would-be asylum seekers about the deteriorating situation in Sweden.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Go to Russia.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’ll be arrested by Swedish police and charged with hate crimes.

  • bob e

    good idea swedes ” i think the golden dawn party should
    be in charge of the invading hordes ..

  • Alain

    I am so glad to hear that Sweden has resolved this problem. I mean the problem of surrendering to hostile foreign invaders. I am also glad to learn about flying pigs.

  • Brett_McS

    Yep, that should work.

  • Petrilia

    I think every overrun country by fake migrants should be giving out these flyers. The migrants who have only been in Sweden for 24 hours, DON”T WANT ANY MORE. This is either tragic or funny. What is tragic for Canada is that the Trudeau Liberals want 25,000 “Syrian refugees” in Canada by the New Year. Who? Are they Syrian.?
    70% of the dreadful swarm moving toward Europe were not Syrian. Syrian passports are for sale in Turkey for $2000. For anyone. Journalists proved it. So Canadians do you really want your New Canadian Liberal Government to approve 25,000 Syrian so called refugees? Who are they? Are they actually Syrian? How is their health? What diseases might they have that Canadian doctors haven’t seen? Who will house them? How many will be Christian? How many are Muslim? Can they integrate into Canadian society? Regarding Muslims in Europe, this may not be easy. Do we want to bring large numbers of Muslims to Canada? This may have been a wild promise by Trudeau based on emotion to get votes, I think this is a ridiculous promise that cannot be kept.

  • H

    If the will was truly there, the number of migrants invading Europe could be reduced over even stopped. There was a ferry workers strike in Greece recently and shortly after it started, “a funny thing happened —the flood of migrants crossing from Slovenia to Austria was reduced to a trickle….

    According to reliable sources in Austria, by Saturday November 7 — four days after the strike began — the number of refugees waiting to get through the border at Spielfeld had dropped from thousands upon thousands to about 250.”

    ( http://gatesofvienna.net/2015/11/damming-the-stream/ )

    • terrence

      surprise, SURPRISE – no free ride, no “refugees”. whodathunkit?

  • Edubeat

    Hmmm I wonder if this same strategy could work in Brampton