Remember this…

“ISIS is a threat, no doubt about that. Should we fear it? No. The Canadian population should have full confidence in all the security services to keep us safe.”

  • Bearspaw

    …should have full confidence…
    That is some sort of joke, no?

  • Shebel

    Trustin Justin .

  • Clink9
  • Even though the statement is deceptive and disgusting, it seems Trudeau’s pet Sikh is doing his job of keeping the masses calm.

  • andycanuck

    I wonder if he’ll still be a badass when the Grits cut DND by, say, 25%?

    • P_F

      ‘badass’, my foot.
      Any sane person would not even vote for liberals, and if this ‘star sikh’ is a part of turdo’s inner circle he must have an IQ of -20 with as cunning character as a snake.

  • When ISIS or one of the Syrian “refugees” attacks, if this jack-wagon is not held accountable by anyone, I shall be most perturbed.

  • Petrilia

    OH, we will remember. And it will be on YOU. Yes it will be a hard job. Can
    Jns are willing to give you a lot, because of your own honourable background, but do not mess with any real Canadian. So hey are you so intent on bringing 25000-45000 UNKNOWNs here to Canada? Muslims , I get it. New voters. Who are they? Justin Tudeau and his people canu see 45,000 so called Syrians, no Christians. How will he with OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS DO THIS. BY taking money from senior which have paid into it.


  • All Too Much

    Wait. Is this an Onion re-print or am I, being not too caught up on Canadian government, and, being very un-PC in my thought, correct in thinking a Muslim is Canada’s Minister of Defence? Or, defense as we spell it in American. WTF?

    • Sikh. Not Muslim.

      • P_F

        Ideologically NOT much different. Remember the first mass murder
        in Canadian history was committed by these noble sikhs.
        I am referring to the bombing of Air India flight 182 in June 1985.
        Among east indian/Punjabis it’s a known fact that this ‘bad-Ass’ sikh defense minister (what a shame) is quite close to the family of Ripudaman Singh Mullick a co-conspirator in the bombing.

        • ntt1

          But sikhism grew out of Hinduism as an armed response to muslim aggression 800 years ago.Their whole armed warrior status (they must carry a dagger)is based on armed defense of their culture.

  • Clear Thinker

    Folks, all it takes is one week to find out that your liberal superstar tough guy, is talking white liberal guilt. Buddy, up and until I just read this stupid statement of yours, I thought you were the only hope for our country. If you hadn’t noticed the rcmp are corrupt and have no idea on how to protect this country. Local police forces routinely break the law, and CSIS, the only bunch who know what they are doing, are always under attack by the Liberals. Your cabinet is about to import 25,000 isis sympathizers hiding as moderate muslims, if you don’t know this now, well when the #$%$ hits the fan, it will be too late.

  • lolwut?

    I’m sure the families of Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo would

    I sent this story to Rebel Media, hopefully Ezra or Brian will do a story on it
    maybe Brian and ask him about it personally.