Melissa Click, the “media prof,” has resigned

The one who muscled reporters out of protest, courtesy Allahpundit:

Unless I’ve misunderstood this, they’re not voting to fire her. They can’t do that; she’s a member of MU’s communications department, not the journalism school. She has a “courtesy appointment” to the J-school, though, which they’re now debating whether to revoke in light of her taking a steamy dump on the First Amendment in yesterday’s protest video gone viral.

Mark my words: Before this is over, despite inciting a mob of SJWs to deny a reporter’s rights and then all but laughing about it on camera, safe-space enforcer Melissa Click will pose as every inch the persecuted free-speech martyr herself. Gabe Malor expects her to file an epic lawsuit if/when she gets booted from the J-school or, if MU really cracks down, loses her faculty position altogether, although I’d guess the risk of that is low. In today’s campus culture, even an untenured professor would probably have to literally murder someone before losing her job for engaging in “direct action” for The Cause. More.

Reality check: Progressives do not believe that there is such a thing as truth, accuracy, or objective fact. That’s dead white male talk.

In their world, there is only power, they want it, and they are going to get it. And our nice neighbours are just going to shut up and give it to them. And shun anyone who stands up to them.

Never forget: Progressives assume everyone else thinks the way they do: Only power matters, not evidence.

Many people have come to grief failing to recognize that fact.

That said, Click has resigned, sparing them an actual decision.

Reality check: She could turn up dean of journalism somewhere, in a school dedicated to turning out apparatchiks for Big Gov PR.

Here she is, the personification of future news media, apart from the independents:

An undercover journalist recently convinced administrators on a half-dozen campuses to rip up the US constitution in the name of “sensitivity.” Little wonder campuses across the country are descending into frenzies of intolerance. Melissa Click is not unusual. But who is she exactly?

According to her faculty bio, she’s an Assistant Professor of Mass Media. Yes, that’s right: a media professor called for the violent ejection of the media from a public demonstration. Still, maybe Click is simply too valuable to the University, to academia and indeed to the sum of human knowledge to be bothered by journalists.

Click is paid over $55,000 per year for her valuable work. But there’s more. The professor who wanted to eject journalists from the protest not only called for media coverage of the event on her Facebook page, but also chairs a committee that oversees student news publications at Missouri. If I was a student journalist, I’d just give up now.

Reality check: Don’t give up, just accept that in the future, all actual news media are independents. Legal or otherwise. You either need the information they provide or you don’t. Chances are, you do.

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  • jackburns

    Absolutely true that progs understand power and nothing else, or at least think that they do. They need the world to be simple or they get confused.

  • Clear Thinker

    To future employers or customers, never hire anyone from that university, the same way you should avoid certain graduates from the Law School at the University of Ottawa. For those of you who do not know, this school has been allowing “students of ethnic disability” twice as long to write their final law exams, than allowed for white students. Choose your lawyer carefully.

  • Jay Currie

    55K…she’s practically a volunteer.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Part timer. Less than an adjunct, even.

  • ed

    LOL… the good news is that consumers of news have created their own safe spaces by cancelling subscriptions in droves to the crap spewing “mainstream media.” This professor may have a hard time finding another job…

  • trespasserswill

    Considering she was inciting students to take action that could have put them on the wrong side of the law, she’s lucky she’s not facing a courtroom.