Liberals losing culture wars? Just when they don’t matter any more…

A couple days back, commentator Brent Bozell claimed,

One journalist is analyzing the elections correctly (for the most part) and it’s noteworthy it comes out of The Atlantic, clearly a liberal venue.

In her article “Liberals Are Losing the Culture Wars,” Molly Ball acknowledges that the left can attempt to diminish the results by saying this was “an off-off-year election with dismally low voter turnout, waged in just a handful of locales. But liberals who cite this as an explanation often fail to take the next step and ask why the most consistent voters are consistently hostile to their views, or why liberal social positions don’t mobilize infrequent voters.”

There is clearly a “passion gap” between the secular left and the religious right. The conservatives are mobilizing, spurred by an increasing liberal authoritarianism since the last presidential election, as the left puts “religious liberty” in scare quotes.

Reality check: “Liberals” are losing to progressives, who don’t care about culture wars. They use executive authority and the top courts to execute their whims.

The more irresponsible the progressives’ whims are, the greater a measure of their power we are witnessing.

It’s irrelevant that voters don’t agree with progressives if the progressives are dishing out the voters’ food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.

And religious people will just holler louder for Jesus in increasingly restricted areas, then go vote for progressives for the good welfare they get (taken from future generations).

In reality, voters don’t contest progressive rule for the same reasons cows don’t contest the farmer’s rule. Only independent people can be politically free. That’s the only vote that would matter, and where is it?

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  • Alain

    I disagree that the cultural wars do not matter any more and I also disagree that the opposition is limited to religious people. I am not knocking religious people, but what is at stake is far more than freedom of religion. The end goal here is to destroy all national sovereignty in the march to a one world government where the majority of people are no more than serfs without rights of any kind unless granted by those in charge. Citizens in every country in the West had better wake up and oppose this at every turn.

    • mauser 98

      EU , Soros destroyed European borders
      NAFTA ,GATT , TPP all in cahoots

    • Everyone Else

      Denyse O’Leary flings around wild generalizations in a tone that presumes we all agree with her.

      Also, unlike every other poster on this blog, her commentary is longer than the excerpts she quotes. I wish she’d rein in her self-indulgent pontificating.

  • mauser 98

    Quebec to dump a billion gallons of shit into the St. Lawrence.
    an excellent example of Liberal culture.
    a fitting start , harbinger for reign of The Sun King

    • Everyone Else

      Shit is nothing but nutrients as far as aquatic life is concerned. Shit is not poison. If shit is dumped in lakes there can be a problem of too much algae and vegetation humans don’t like. If shit is dumped in the St. Laurence River it won’t do any harm whatsoever. It’s the liberal mind that gets alarmed about this because for them humans are toxic.

      • mauser 98

        too much of any thing not good