Constitutional law prof on “offendedness”

Mike Adams, here:

Put simply, ideas are not harassment. This goes against what you have learned in your Women’s Studies classes. But virtually everything taught in these classes is both factually incorrect and ideologically bigoted. No court would ever sustain a charge of harassment made by a woman who lacks the good sense to avoid reading columns she may find offensive. If you knew the column would offend you and you read the column anyway then you must enjoy being angry. That probably explains why you are a campus feminist. Regardless, something cannot be harassment if you actually enjoy it.

Furthermore, someone needs to let you know that despite your best efforts to combat sexist stereotypes, you’ve turned into little more than a walking stereotype. This is unfortunate given what the true feminists who came before you had to experience. A little historical reminder is in order.

When women started to attend colleges and universities in greater numbers several decades ago there were those who objected to their enrollment. Those objectors claimed that women were irrational and emotional and really didn’t belong in a setting where controversial ideas were being discussed. In fact, it was thought that they should stay at home where they could do things more suited to their nature – such as cook, clean, and care for children.

To the extent that you actively seek out ideas that you know will be offensive – and then pretend to be shocked when you hear them – you reinforce stereotypes of women as emotionally weak. More.

Reality check: Many people enjoy being offended. It gives them the thrill of being something other than a non-entity. Their sense of inadequacy is replaced by the delicious thrill of socially accepted victimhood. To say nothing of the rewards of victimhood in a culture where careers can be built on victim management.

The good news is that most of these people are not really victims The bad news is, if they ever try to get free, they won’t have great coping skills for the real world.

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  • I’m convinced that at least 90% of the time being offended is just an excuse to feel self-important.

    This is one reason we should bring back dueling. The pleasure of being offended should come with a possible price tag.

  • Clausewitz

    Being offended is just the lefts way of shutting down debate when they are on the losing end of the discussion.