“As liberal adults abdicate, the kids take charge on campus ”

Of course. Progressives always destroy mere liberals, the way wolves destroy coyotes. The way the Bolsheviks destroyed the Menscheviks. It is practically a law of nature.

In “Bonfire of the Academy,” Jonah Goldberg writes (Wall Street Journal):

By bonfire of the academy we mean a conflict of values about the idea of a university that now threatens to undermine or destroy universities as a place of learning. Exhibit A is the ruin called the University of Missouri.

The rest is paywalled, but so? Remember, seawater. Ocean.

Reality check: Why this continues: In these times, well-to-do people must support/pretend to support progressivism and utter pious lies in order to hang on to what they have got.

I am not particularly sympathetic to these pious middle class liars, because they choose it. As alumni, they give to the U’s that buckle and support it. They invest in the banks that indebt students who are in training to become the ‘crats that will later oppress them. Their mouths fall open and contemptible excuses fall out.

How does it benefit them? They are willing to lose civil liberties and the quiet enjoyment of their own lives in exchange for the moral preening they enjoy so much: “We know that we are better than you other people because we understand and sympathize with the young thug.”

Instead of telling him to shape up or ship out. (Horrors!)

And they never fail to hope that some day, some day, the thug will “understand” them.

Little do they know, he “understands” them all too well. It is intellectual giants he neither understands nor cares to understand. And increasingly, they don’t either.

See also: Campus ‘crats shred U.S. Constitution (and it is a career-limiting move to know or care, right?)

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Most likely the Cons are gone now for 4 years but if this new PM does a good job it could be decade or more .

    • tom_billesley

      “if this new PM does a good job”. I hear something in the sky ….oink,oink,flap,flap…

  • tom_billesley

    St. Louis Business Journal summarizes the WSJ article:
    It ends:

    Free speech also has been kicked aside at Mizzou, home of a renowned journalism school, the Journal said. “Today’s progressive activists, unlike their liberal antecedents, believe that ideas with which they disagree or which they deem morally repugnant don’t deserve to be heard. And so they shout them down or tell their speakers to ‘shut up’ or ‘resign.’ They believe that free-speech protection is a quaint obstacle to getting what they want, which is control.”

    The rest is worth reading.