2016 and the Collapse of the Cultural Left

It’s been happening gradually over the past 35 years but suddenly, it seems, cultural leftism is on the verge of imminent collapse. The phenomenon surrounding the candidacy of Donald J Trump is not a sideshow but an opening act. He may not win the nomination, but through insult comedy, Trump isn’t spurring a movement as much as he’s fanning what is at once a revolt and a celebration — a celebration of the rapid demise of the 60s-era New Left and its cultural and economic implications. The fact that the leader of the celebration is a famous former liberal New York billionaire/amateur comedian is quite apropos.

  • Dana Garcia

    The far left loonies don’t look like they are collapsing; they are conquering territory, particularly college campuses. Their ideas are more broadly understood as nuts, but that didn’t stop the Red Guards.

    • kkruger71

      For every “victory” of common sense, there are dozens for the left. It does no good to stop and congratulate ourselves every time we stop them from moving 10 feet, when it was the last part of a mile. Year by year we keep giving up ground.

      • Gary

        But the downfall for these yahoos is that the Ponze scheme will implode once the money runs out as Justin will see when he drives our debt up to $700,000,000,000.00 to pay-off all the chirping groups in the Nest wanting more FREE stuff.
        Even a Communist that bought into joining a Commune will get fed-up when they see that they are among the 70% doing 100% of the chores while a Government Agent comes by once a month to take half of their Harvest and maybe drop off more people to live with them.

        Jack and Olivia got away with their ruse to crusade for the poor while on 2 MP salaries and Private Health care plans a taxpayer can only dream of.
        Layton used his Socialist mind set to promote going into debt to help the poor because it was like a Mortgage on your house , but with Jack was too dense to understand was that you will one day OWN that house where as in his World you are in debt and Homeless.

  • The danger is the pendulum. Already fascist thought is confused with “conservatism” in many places. The islamic hegira has to polarize people. And the fascists are happy to provide a channel for the outrage.

  • Let’s try that again.

    The danger is the pendulum. As the outrage mounts the fascists are already there ready to channel and direct.

  • Clausewitz

    Keep your powder dry. You’ll soon need it.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with many of the points and facts raised by the writer. However, his main point about the cultural left in trouble is dubious. In fact, the political centre and right have been out-organized for some time now. THis is especially true in Canada, where the left own the mass media, all of government, and nearly all NGOs. Dana and Kruger (below) have it right.

  • Alain

    The Right/conservatives remain far too timid which is what has allowed the Left to steamroll and implement its agenda just about every where. A prime example is within only about a week in power, the Liberals are going all out to stash, burn and wipe out everything that was accomplished in the last 9 years. Whereas even with a majority government the Conservatives remained timid and refused to use the force they had. As long as you allow the enemy to define you and set the rules of the game, you remain on the defensive which means you lose the war.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Well, it may seem that Harper under used his authoritay.
      I’d rather like to think he was quite active behind the scenes and that many of his accomplishments were hidden or understated.
      And that he left a few tempting treats for the Liberals that they will not have the self discipline to refuse themselves.
      Like stacking the senate.