Wanted: A Modern Jabotinsky

This past Saturday, The Wall Street Journal had a shocker of an article by Saeb Erekat on the Editorial Pages. I read it, feeling more and more outraged at every word. So, why, after a few days of reflection, am I glad they printed it? Because, even in its hideous distortion of the truth, it reveals for us a glimpse into the deeply flawed and dangerously self-delusional failure of our misapprehension of what fuels the Middle Eastern Conflict. The title of this article alone is enough to warn the reader of the inversion of reality that follows.

“Where is Israel’s de Klerk?” it asked.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Where was South Africa’s Netanyahu?

  • simus1

    The reds are so invested in their “fluke success” in destroying zimbabwe and south africa that every other new target must be made to conform to their fantasy blueprint.

    • Good point, but don’t forget the poltroon just elected in Canada and the Community Organizer who is busy transforming the US…

  • Everyone Else

    Israel is only one front in the global conflict with jihad.

    As one example, when India separated itself from its lunatic muslims in 1947 it cost one million dead. India today is secretly glad the rest of the world is finally realizing what toxic forces they have been dealing with in Pakistan.

    It’s all jihad and must be called jihad, anything else is a euphemism.