The Liberals and Debt

You voted for it, Liberal voters:

The federal Liberals are only one week old as a government and are already being forced to face up to the realities of power. The pleasant portrait they painted on the campaign trail, of limited, short-term deficits averaging $10 billion a year for three years, is already in serious doubt. A report issued Tuesday by the Parliamentary Budget Office indicates that, before the Liberals could borrow a single extra cent, the anticipated deficit was likely to be $4.3 billion a year worse than expected over the next four years. It’s based on new revenue estimates that project slower growth for oil prices. The PBO expects the economy to produce $32 billion less income than predicted next year and $43 billion less in 2017.

  • Gary

    This on top of 25,000 new Welfare cases by bogus refugees that hate Canada and jews.

  • BillyHW


  • Hey, don’t worry. Obozo put the US in $17 trillion of debt.

    It’s the liberal thing.

  • David

    Once the part time drama teacher and the alberta ndp get finished with the oil sands, our golden goose will be cooked.

    • Clausewitz

      Yes, it seems they’ve isolated that product from getting to market quite nicely. Welcome to the new Canada where economic suicide is the new mantra. Who’s going to pay for the transfer payments now?