The Indonesian Jihad on Christian Churches

In compliance with Islamic demands, Indonesian authorities in the Aceh region have started to tear down Christian churches. Their move comes after Muslim mobs rampaged and attacked churches. At least one person was killed; thousands of Christians were displaced.

On Friday, October 9, after being fired up during mosque sermons, hundreds of Muslims marched to the local authority’s office and demanded that all unregistered churches in Aceh be closed. Imams issued text messages spurring Muslims from other areas to rise up against churches and call for their demolition.

h/t Marvin

  • Shebel

    Not to worry—-Pope Francis will know exactly what to do.

  • trespasserswill

    Of course.
    The very place where the muslim population only survived the tsunami because of the courage and charity of western Christians.
    Next time, let them die.

  • Achmed

    Unfortunately Obama can’t run for a third term complete his tasks and do this in america.

  • It’s time to arm Christians.