Islamic dogma interferes with US education and free speech

A school teacher at High Desert School in Acton, California gave his 7th grade history class a worksheet, Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam. The worksheet contained words related to Islam with a space below the words for the students to draw pictures of what the word referred to. One of the words was the name of the founder of Islam, Mohammed. A parent of one of the children complained that the worksheet was insensitive to the Islamic belief that people should not make images of Mohammed. This caused the school to ban the drawing of Mohammed or of any religious leader.

  • Alain

    Islamic dogma does not allow education; only indoctrination is allowed.

  • One thing that I’ve noticed: Arabs don’t read. Even educated, literate and intelligent Arabs are not in the habit of reading. It doesn’t occur to them. Maybe a magazine or something. Or a restaurant menu. Reading is for schoolwork and, I guess, the Koran. Some girls might even read a silly romance novel: these are the bookish, nerdy ones. Nobody would ever read, say, Dickins. It’s just not there, as an option.

  • B__2

    What about the following leaders?
    – L. Ron Hubbard?
    – Pope Francis?
    – Dalai Lama?
    – Obi-wan Kenobi?

    So, the school authorities allow Sharia law to be introduced with the paper-thin veneer of impartiality, as (almost) only Islam bans the depiction of their religious leader.

    By this type of thought, the school could demand all girls to wear a burka, as they might argue that this would be fair to all religions as it would apply to all girls equally, regardless of the religion of the girls that would have to be forced to wear the burka, and in the process further ‘equality’ in the girl student population. Of course, to avoid claims that they were applying a religious imperative, they might demand all girls to wear a ‘Long, blue, loose fabric garment covering the top of the head to the ground that prevents an onlooker from seeing any part of the body including face, hands and feet, and prevents this onlooker from determining the body shape of the wearer. This garment will have small eye holes to allow vision without the girl’s eyes to be visible.” Just don’t all it a ‘Burka’. Perfect to prevent girls to be stared at as sex objects or to be fat-shamed in school. Perfect to restrict the competition for the latest fashion in make-up, jewellery, clothes, or shoes amongst the girls and provide ‘social justice’ and eliminate the obvious divide between rich and poor students.

  • simus1

    Seems like very advanced assignments for 7th grade pupils in California.