• Martin B

    If you’re a resident of Toronto and you’re ever in some sort of conflict with a Mohammedan, you know whose side the police will be on.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If you’re a resident of Toronto, move.

      • Gary

        Toronto is becoming a majority non-Canadian background population and soon to be a majority non-white City.

        So with no Whitey’s left to blame their short coming on , watch them turn on each other which I had predicted will happen because they too are bigots and racists that hate some other group along with hating Canada .
        All we did in Canada was import the existing hatred and racism that could hide among the self-segregated neighbourhoods in Toronto thanks to the Liberal multiculturalism Policy to throw money at the ignorant peons to buy their votes and keep them the hell out of their Wealth White neighbourhoods.

        Don’t be fooled, I knew where Bob Rae lived in the West High park area along with Mayor David Miller as they both pretend to abhor racism and fight for the Rights of the Poor.
        I’m close to moving out of the City I was born in that is heading towards being a Chicago or Detroit but with 50 shades of brown , I’ll be in a nice safe White area up North and just sit back and watch the news as Toronto burns from riots and the transit System get bombed by islamists brought in by Justin who doesn’t believe that there are evil people on Earth.

  • Future generations will wonder why.

  • Sucking up to means being a dhimmi before it is imposed on you, hoping that when the muzzies come to power (God forbid) you’ll be in their good books. This behavior, of course, helps them come to power; and of course, your betrayal will not help you.

    • Gary

      The lesbian Premier Wynne must think that giving those jew-hating anti-Canada islamists a mosque in the Valley Park public school to win her MPP seat would spare her under sharia law as a friend of the islamists .

      But all these minorities blindly supporting islamism by their shared hatred for the West and jews will make them the first ones killed off under sharia law
      . So to some people it may not be ALL bad news under sharia by these 8th century savages.