“I understand that we have a lot invested in the “myth of Peacekeeping.” Canadians like to imagine ourselves as the nice guy, the good friend, the designated driver, the burly but amiable dude who wades in to break up the fight. Like so many national myths, it says more about how we imagine ourselves than the reality.”


From The Vimy Ridge Memorial

  • canminuteman

    As a young captain, I took the “staff school” course at the old staff school which was housed it the old “Toronto Hunt Club”. The Toronto Hunt Club was an honest to goodness old hunt club from the 19’th century, taken over by the Air Force during WW11 as a training school. It was on the east side of Avenue Road, just north of Eglinton. A good time was had by all.

    Anyway. I wrote a paper for an assignment outlining why UN peacekeeping was a total waste of time. I looked at the political situation in all the places where we had been on “peacekeeping” missions, and with data concluded that non of the conflicts had been solved and we would have been better off just to let people fight out their differences until there was a winner and a loser. This was not a poplular postion with my instructors.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Had the UN existed during the War of 1812, we would still have UN troops stationed on our border.

    • But a truthful one.

    • BillyHW

      Peacekeeping is a delusion.

    • Alain

      An ex-military friend of mine who served as such a “peace keeper” told me the same thing based on his personal experience.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The most dangerous aspect of peacekeeping is that the rules of engagement are too strict. I remember an news article where M/Gen Lewis McKenzie was complaining that he had to call UN Headquaters in NYC in order to get permission to fire back. Unfortunately, all he recieved was a recorded message advising that the individual he was trying to contact was away for the weekend and would not be returning until Monday morning.

    • It is like being shackled.

    • Clausewitz

      In the end McKenzie as officer in charge on the battle ground used force to deal with his problems while Delaire peed his pants and to this day is still whining. This is why I would follow McKenzie any where, while I wouldn’t follow Delaire to the latrine even if I had dysentery.