British Woman Reveals That She Decoded Messages For the Battle of the Atlantic

Another unsung heroine:

Lorna Collacott can keep a secret.

The British girl didn’t tell her parents about her true wartime duties. She didn’t tell her husband, even though she met and married the bomber mechanic from Windsor during the Second World War. She didn’t tell her four kids.

Half a century passed before Collacott mentioned her secret work coding and decoding messages for the Battle of the Atlantic.

“You were told to keep your mouth shut,” the 90-year-old Windsor woman says in her matter-of-fact way.


Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Vera Lynn.

  • Exile1981

    This was a good story with out the evil inherent in most of the crap happening these days.

  • AlanUK

    My father lived through WWII (I was born 1945).
    He was required to continue his peace-time work as a pharmacist with the added responsibility of checking the local reservoir daily to ensure it had not been poisoned. (This would have been unlikely because any invader would need the water supplies themselves and he lived near the South coast.)
    He had his own allotment on which to grow food. These have been a feature of English life for 100s of years. Generally the area was 10 rods/poles/perches or about 250 square metres or about the size of a doubles tennis court.
    Where the head of house had gone to war he helped the families left behind to work their own allotments. Typically, he had a further 10 *250 square metres to work. Exhausting work but he was just one of millions who made their own personal contribution.
    The irony was that a landmine (essentially a large bomb) landed on the allotment one night, late in the war. No further work was needed on the allotments – they were replaced by a giant crater!

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