White schoolgirl aged 13 ‘was repeatedly raped and sexually abused as she was passed round gang of 15 A̶s̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶M̶e̶n̶ Muslims

A naïve and vulnerable schoolgirl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused as she was passed around 15 Asian males while she was just 13, a court has heard.

The ‘loner’ girl – who was aged 13 and 14 at the time – was allegedly attacked in car parks, parks and churchyards around Keighley, West Yorkshire, by 14 defendants, one of whom was 59 at the time.

The group of men even designated the girl a ‘corner’ in a disused police car park where they daubed her name in graffiti and forced her to perform sex acts.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure nothing like that can happen in “Happy Ways” Canada. Even though I just saw on the news that the UN refugee agency says refugees will be processed here in Canada and not over there. Hmmm, lets see, unprocessed Syrian muslims wandering around all day on our military bases. No, nothing could go wrong.

  • To fall into the hands of such monsters must be utter hell.

    As guilty as the monsters are the politicians, bureaucrats, etc. who made them possible, allowing them into the country, supporting their ongoing crimes by hands off policies, etc.

  • Shebel

    Look at the pics of those 2 filthy animals.

    One is scowling with righteous indignation . One is happy and proud.

    Both were just mimicking their Prophet . Both are proud Muslims.

  • Sean

    …. and yet they’re still alive to face a court.

  • Exile1981

    Lead injection to the brain.

  • Gary

    I already assume this crap is going on in Toronto and being covered-up by the media, politicians and Police along with Social workers because of the pattern where we saw 5 muslims women honour killed for not wearing the hijab.
    The Toronto Police Board would normally issue a PSA to women immigrant to assure them that in Canada they have rights and will be protected by the Police and Courts.
    But this is Canada where islam is feared for it’s suicide bombers and followers crying racism and islamophobia that can get people fired or ruin their lives.
    So what did the Police do…… , not only did they hold a Press Release meeting in an islamic Community centre after the arrests for the Toronto-18 young muslim males to have Chief Blair tell us that the bomb plot had NOTHING to do with islam , the quran or being muslims ……but now the Police responded to the Hijab sharia murders by announcing that the Police Uniform will include the Hijab/Niqab to recruit muslim women to meet the Diversity targets.

    Basically , they just affirmed the honour killings and tell the muslim women that if the want a job with the Police as a true muslim you must wear the hijab while on duty.

    The media and Police tried to cover-up that pedophile Imam they arrested for sexual assaults when they said it was a religious cleric that exploited under age youth in their place of worship.
    If it was a Christian minister the CBC and Cops would go into details to make sure Christ was blamed, but when islam and Muhammad were tied to it we saw how vague they were as to not offend muslims.

    The TDSB and Teachers Unions already protect the pedophiles in the class rooms with a Policy to make a 9-1-1 call the last resort when the catch a teachers with an under age student or sex with an older student .
    So if a muslim male teacher is only raping white non-muslim girls among muslim girls as well…. it’s a double crisis where they may never call the Police.
    I still remember that gang rape at a public school that was in the Gym and to a muslim student which CAIR and Sheema Khan jumped on to use the victim card as muslims.
    The story broke because the Police weren’t called and CAIR wanted justice to nab this islamophobes, but the school defended their choice by saying that if the story went public and through the courts that the victim may never be able to marry a muslim under sharia law for being raped. It got worse when more facts came out and it was somali male students that rape her for being by her self around men and deserved it.
    CAIR had Sheema Khan along with a few Imam go on the CBC to deny that sharia law would make her damaged goods and to dirty to marry in allahs eyes , but once Khan saw how it was Somali male muslim that rape the girl she dropped the crusade for justice as did the media.
    Sadly , the Police and Politicians said this was a cultural matter to deal with in the mosques and among the Somali community.

    That pretty well sealed it for me that muslim males don’t have to obey Canada’s Laws and can rape at will because we have gutless leaders and the Liberalism of lowered expectations for muslims as if they aren’t fully human yet and get a pass when the behead their wife or daughter.

    • Ho Hum

      I am also convinced that this is happening in Canada and is being hushed-up by police and media. If you look at the crime map at link below (filter for sex assaults) you will see that area’s with a large Muslim population – such as Thorncliffe Park and Rexdale are sex-assault hot-zones. The rate of sex assaults in these Muslim majority area’s is approximately SEVEN TIMES the rates in mostly white areas of the city.

      The police are hushing up this epidemic because they don’t want to “stigmatize” Muslims. Same issue with violent crime. The police and media have ignored the fact that Muslim Somalians commit a large number of violent crimes including murder (at least half by my estimation) despite being a small minority in the city. Of course the violent crimes not committed by Somalians are being committed by blacks from other backgrounds.

      If you go to the Toronto Police website you will notice that they no longer have a page devoted to “Most Wanted”. They had a most wanted page a few years ago and almost all the suspects were either black or brown. There were just two white suspects from cold cases that were over 30 years old!


      • Shebel

        Well, Ho-hum and Gary— It is too bad that you will never find out from the MSM , the preferential treatment that Muslims receive in prison.
        If you ever do– then you will stop wondering about all the Muslim conversions while behind bars. It is not all about better food.

  • Shebel

    Nobody will ever admit to this—but -I know for a bloody fact that many small contractors and business people will prefer to hire a White person because they hope he is just a Christian or an Atheist. Is it against the LAW to ask.
    These people are not Islamophobes or Racists—they just want good employees–BUT- They are totally AFRAID of the HRC and lawsuits that could bankrupt them if they have to fire an employee that does not measure up.

    Anybody can fire a White guy with no silly repercussions.

  • terrence

    Funny – The Daily Mail says “Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.”
    I wonder why that is? Hummm.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Those desitions to bring those people here it’s a huge risk for the population .

  • P_F

    The mohammedan scum in the middle is actually pretending to shoot a gun.
    Only if it has been a white kid he would’ve been hanged by the media by now.

  • bob e

    how is britain ever gonna live down this shame. they still act as if it’s a strange
    phenomina after a million girls have been destroyed .. this absolutely kills me.
    i cannot imagine a 12 year old girl facing sick monsters day after day.
    god help us ..

    edl ‘s got a march in bradford on sat .. protesting another 25 sick paedo
    rapers .. good luck lads ..