US media think Ben Carson will cancel their remaining viewers’ food stamps cards?

Otherwise, what to make of this:?

Ben Carson is a serial fabulist. That’s the narrative the mainstream media has been exploring over the last week-plus, performing deep dives into whether he lied about having been offered a “full scholarship” to West Point (our analysis is here), whether he tried to stab someone during what he’s described as an angry and violent youth, and whether he was duped by an elaborate academic hoax while at Yale. (Yes, all of this is quite bizarre). Politico badly botched its West Point ‘fabrication’ scoop — so much so that left-leaning Politifact rated a key cog in Carson’s explanation “mostly true” once the dust had finally settled. But questions remained about Carson’s recollection that he’d attempted a stabbing as a teen, with skeptics alleging that he’d made up the incident. Thus spawned the mind-bending spectacle of a presidential candidate insisting that yes, he had indeed tried to stab someone. And wouldn’t you know it? It looks like he was telling the truth:

But it really doesn’t matter what is true. There is no truth.

There is only progressive government to defend, and “learned helpless” viewers to market it to.

We should rescue anyone who matters to is from their quicksand of self-serving lies.

Note: The fact that most people aren’t paying attention to legacy mainstream media in Canada or the US means nothing if they get to raid the public purse (think CBC) on a variety of Correct causes.

Remember US prez hopeful Ben Carson? Now New Republic aims slurs He must be connecting with some people. Before, it was a religion prof.

  • I don’t think they care so much about the food so much as their ability to subscribe to cable TV- its about ratings and money.

  • Shebel

    Just imagine—A 100% full blood Black man that is not a Muslim or even pretending to be more than he is— Running to be the POTUS.
    Just a guy ,not born with a silver spoon in his mouth….. and a few youthful problems.

    This must really scare the Dummyrats.