The Crash…

And the aftermath…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I think if the cops shoot at you for a stupid reason, you should be allowed to run them over.
    Stacy Ann Bunsey (that chick driver) won that round just by surviving.

  • Shooting wasn’t the problem. Poor aim was the problem. Now this sick person will be “treated” and “mainstreamed” and “released a thousand more times because the asylums have been closed down and there is no place for crazy people to live anymore. The cops are expected to show restraint while their lives are in danger all the time. The next thing you know there will be a “Bat-S Crazy Lives Matter” Movement.

    From KOKH tv report:

    “Bunsey was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle after prior conviction, eluding a police officer after prior conviction, assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a police officer after prior conviction, driving under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest”

    • T.C.

      Poor aim may have been a problem, but given what happened I’m surprised he got any shots off at all. And if the cop had managed to shoot the driver, I don’t think it would have done much to change events as they occurred. Except you might have had a dead crazy person. Or one that needed intensive medical care at taxpayer expense. And a run-over cop. Less trouble not to shoot them. The tasering was kind of amusing though.

      • Actually, I didn’t mean to cast aspersions on the cop’s aim. Pistols are hard enough to shoot on the range, let alone while under that kind of stress. They all show great restraint, too. If someone came that close to killing me with a car….

  • Mike Williams

    She got tasered…there is justice in this world.

  • canminuteman

    The cop who stood in front of an SUV shooting at it for some particular reason would have been better advised to get the hell out of the way. What did he think was going to happen? A couple of 9mm bullets were going to bring a two ton chunk of steel doing 60 km/h to suddenly stop? Even if his shot killed the driver, or took out the engine, the vehicle was going to hit him. idiot.

  • Xavier

    Let’s have a bit of fun. [Dangles bait]

    Those cops are HEROES! They should get awards! That episode proves without a doubt that all police, everywhere, show great restraint and all accusations of excessive force are unfounded! Eleventy!!!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      But, just for one day.

  • Clink9

    So. She’s driving a stolen car. She refuses to pull over. She drives the car into a police car.

    And the cops are the assholes? I’m just trying understand what the cool kids are thinking.