Sweden calls on army to help manage refugee crisis

Sweden’s army is to help manage the fallout from the country’s refugee crisis, with the civilian administration struggling to cope with an unprecedented surge in arrivals and a top official claiming there is no room left, in the short-term, for migrants reaching Swedish shores.

On Monday, military officers were sent to help coordinate logistics at Migrationsverket, Sweden’s refugee and immigration agency. They will be involved at a management level, rather than on the ground.

  • Blacksmith

    If they issued them ammunition it might be taken seriously otherwise no change.

  • Shebel

    Isn’t that what Canada is doing?

  • Yo Mama

    Is that a picture of refugees? They look like Swedes to me!

  • Shebel

    I,I,I sswwear tthhat I wwil nnot be Afrraid iif i mmeet tthese guys tthe sstreet.

    Thank you -Jesus—for all your advice—-but,but,but–

  • Canadian Born

    Canada’s immigration minister said on last nights news that he wants Canadians to stand up and offer apartments or empty houses or their cottages to house these people. Really, not until Junior Trudeau, every Liberal MP, every doctor and all the others that support bringing in these people in, take the majority of the refugees into their homes should Canadians be asked to even think about taking them into their homes that they have worked so hard to get!

    • Shebel

      Did he really say that? That really is abusing Canadians and our good will.

      I guess we could also solve the ‘homeless’ problem – if everybody gave their xtra space to accommodate the homeless-

      I have 3 empty bedrooms and a big basement that could probably hold about 20 beds.
      Where do I sign up?
      How much you gonna pay me ?
      Do I have to feed them?
      I don’t have any prayer mats. Am I disqualified?
      I eat pork. Is this bad?

      • Xavier

        …and 2 miniature pet pigs.

        • Shebel

          Better lock them up, just to be safe.
          Some might be offended and attack you.
          The others will just eat them.

  • mobuyus

    Looks like a crime wave rolling in.

  • T.C.

    Sweden still has a military?

  • Shebel

    “Hey Mommie! Mommie! I just saw a bunch of monkees steering a boat.”