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At Yale And Mizzou, Safe Space Destroys You

Students are apparently blocking the press from speaking with the protesters, who had set up camp on the quad. It was designated a “no media, safe space.” Oh, and the “white media” needs to respect those “black spaces” because apparently apartheid is good, but only when people of color initiate it, or something. When press try to speak to protesters, well, this happens [emphasis mine]:

When a reporter went into a protest “safe space” camp yesterday to ask some questions about their goals and motives, a Mizzou assistant media professor demanded that he leave. Her name is Melissa Click and according to her bio, she’s currently researching 50 Shades of Gray and the relationship Lady Gaga has with her fans on social media. When the reporter refused, she went around the camp asking for “some muscle” to remove him. Ironically, the reporter is a student reporter for the Mizzou student newspaper.

Sure. But then, oh dear,

In higher education, it seems outright contempt and muzzling of freedom of speech, expression, and the press has further engulfed America’s college campuses.

When will mid-Americans stop writing this way? Freedom of speech, expression, and the press mean absolutely nothing to the current campus ‘crats-in-training for Big Government except as insults to their dignity. (Who else is taking arts courses now?)

The only question is, will our neighbours vote for it, and what will we do then, if we want the freedom to know facts, not approved lies?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We can now tell Yale and Mizzou jokes now?

    In Soviet Mizzou, safe space destroys YOU!

  • Everyone Else

    Denyse O’Leary why do you pick a virtually invisible nit to criticize a good piece of journalism at Townhall?

    And what by the way, is a “mid-American”?

    I wish you’d use less bombast and snark when bringing articles to our attention.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I say let it burn. Their tuition dollars their decisions to sort out. If Yale or Mizzou devolve into Stalinist re education camps or ethnically cleansed factories that’s on them. Eventually when reading is abolished the only two kinds of jobs they will be able to get are in academia or government.

  • mauser 98

    IPhones , Nike , BMWs