Poland back on her feet?

First Let’s admit the simple fact that not all people, and hence not all nations, think alike. Certain models which work perfectly well in some places turn out to be complete failures elsewhere.

Let’s just remind ourselves of the spectacular failure of the American-sponsored “democracies” in Afghanistan and Iraq, whose people, it unfortunately seems, have always preferred to be governed by authoritarian regimes.

  • AlexanderGalt

    I’m generally with you on just about everything, but the so called conservatives in Law and Justice who won Poland’s election don’t represent anything other than the final victory of the Soviets. Just about all their policies are about feeding cash to special interest groups. Yeah sure they’re nationalists too but what does that leave you with: national socialists. Not daddy Nazis who want to Blitzkreig you but Nanny Nazis who are going to make sure you’re tucked in right, or else. It’s true that the previous government were hopelessly corrupt and sell outs to the EU, but these new guys are just the other socialist party of Poland, who like priests. Pre WWII the Poles were a naturally conservative people, but now most Poles knee-jerk reaction to every problem is to whine to the govt for more help. Pope Francis would make a great leader for Law and Justice.