Pentagon gay rape study flawed, retracted


The American Psychological Association has taken the extraordinary step of retracting an in-house journal article that asserted the rate of rape and other sexual trauma among military men was as much as 15 times higher than the Pentagon’s own survey.

In a press released posted Sunday night, the APA said outside scholars had examined the study, “Preliminary Data Suggest Rates of Male Sexual Trauma May be Higher than Previously Reported,” and determined that the method for randomly selecting and surveying male combat veterans was flawed.

“Although the article went through our standard peer-review process, other scholars have since examined the data and raised valid concerns regarding the design and statistical analysis, which compromise the findings,” Gary R. VandenBos, APA’s publisher, said in announcing the retraction. More.

More details:

In a remarkably embarrassing moment for the American Psychological Association, on Sunday night the group retracted the marquee study in the latest issue of its journal, Psychological Services.

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Why social sciences are kaput

  • Martin B

    Now why would social scientists be inclined to fall for a study that makes the military look bad? Scholars everywhere are baffled.

  • David

    Why social sciences are kaput

    From the looks of it all science seems hopelessly co-opted by the frankfurt school types hell bent on destroying everything decent and moral on the face of the earth.

  • Alain

    Social science is just another name for political science, and neither one is science. David is correct in that just about all Western “science” has been co-opted by the Frankfurt School of marxism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Why all the retractions? Follow the money.

  • Exile1981

    I think this retraction was because it showed a much worse problem with gay men raping other men than the pentagon wanted to admit was happening.