ISIS allegedly guns down hundreds of bound Syrian children


This is still unconfirmed.

“The distressing footage shows around 200 bound children being forced to lie face down in a line as they await the mass execution.”

Video at link. It’s heavily pixillated and hard to make sense of.     h/t tom_billesley

  • Dapto

    And Hussein Obola created and supports this lot !!! Worlds gone mad

    • Janice Peterson

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    • BillyHW

      He’s a muslim and women voted for him.

  • It is worth noting that the US is still the “great Satan” and Israel is the “Little Satan” even as the wonderful “believers” who do this sort of thing to other “believers” who also do this sort of thing cannot see where Satan really lives. Wonderful!

  • H

    Allah asks a lot of his little helpers, doesn’t he?

  • Barrington Minge

    Only the retarded 7th century death cult could even think of behaving like this.
    When Oh when are we going to deal with these mooslim filth?

    • BillyHW

      God invented biological weapons for a reason.

    • Exile1981

      Actually it looks like the black street gangs in chicago have taken to targeting the children of rival gangs, so it may not be just an islam thing. Maybe it’s a IQ less than 70 sort of thing.

      • Barrington Minge

        Less than 70? Very generous…7 might be nearer the mark.

    • Jabberwokk

      (Rant incoming >:| )

      No it’s a tactical thing. By killing them as kids now they won’t be rivals later and won’t breed more rivals. So in killing a few kids they are wiping out hundred or thousands later.

      Secondly the psychological warfare of watching your ‘future’ be heartlessly executed not only signals how far your enemy is willing to go but that even if you win you lose. The Idea is to inflict despair and thus taking the fight out of your opponent making all future battles easy.

      Heartless? Your Damn right it is. This is war kiddos and war is hell. Your enemy just showed you how far in this street fight he is willing to take it and what your going to need to be in order to crush his resolve. The world who condemned its own soldiers for blowing away kids with panzerfausts and AK-47s is about to learn first hand why.

      Don’t like it? Tough. This could have been solved with words decades ago but the west abandoned it’s character and has brought this on themselves. It’s bred generations of self interested narcissistic cowards who will do nothing but capitulate and then surrender when it inevitably ends up here.

      The west gave up peace and prosperity for an ideology of tooth and claw and arrogantly thought it was the predator and not the prey. Well this is Evolution baby and guess what your being rolled out as obsolete. No hard feelings right?


      I know I’m laying it on thick….but then that guy just shot a bunch of kids.

  • tom_billesley
  • Where is CAIR on this?