Full audit needed of Pan Am Games

The Kathleen Wynne government must think we’re stupid.

As if last Thursday’s latest instalment of “Move the Pan Am Budget Shells” was anything more than a pathetic effort to justify paying out $5.7 million in bonuses to 53 executives with TO2015 — the group that organized the Pan Am sporting spectacle.

We don’t know whether those bonuses have actually been paid out as of yet but they probably have. Jesse Wright, spokesman for Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Michael Coteau, told me Monday they will “all be paid” by Dec. 31.

  • tom_billesley

    Having received a bung that big, they’ll feel entitled to put in an expenses claim for the fees of financial advisers to help them invest it..

  • David

    The Kathleen Wynne government must think we’re stupid.

    Good one.

    The Alberta ndp and the part time drama teacher will soon destroy the oil sands and the welfare payments will dry up. What will your fearless leader do then?

  • Mr_bigstuff

    That the government expects us to believe this bullshit is simple arrogance –
    A real audit will never be allowed and until the Ontario ‘Federales'(The Ontario Politicians Police) grow some stones no one will suffer any consequence for these out right lies – I just don’t understand how the liberal MPPs can look at themselves in the mirror – I guess being able to feed at the trough makes it worthwhile to kiss the ditchpigs ass – The whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves – I am beyond disgusted – I am about to give up hope for this province and once great country-