Can We Talk About “Privilege” for A Moment? Real Privilege, Not That Made-Up “White” Kind

Jerelyn Luther

It seems that ‘shrieking girl’ from Yale has been revealed to be one Jerelyn Luther. She is more privileged than you and I, put-together, in all of our guilty whiteness. She’s so privileged, and her parents so connected (because how else do you get into Yale if you are not ferociously smart, and she isn’t), that even her premature birth was chronicled in the New York Times back in 1996. She is the daughter of Peter Mubanda and Valorie Luther-Mubanda of Fairfield, Connecticut who likely live in a nicer house and drive a more expensive car than you do. One of Jerelyn Luther’s “loves” is world traveling. Hardly the mark of an impoverished child.

You should click on all of these links right now before they disappear, as she is furiously erasing her existence from the internet as fast as she can. She has already nuked her Twitter and Facebook existences.

Where she is most privileged of all is in her skin color (she’s an affirmative action admission so she can score up to 300+ points lower than you can on her SAT) and her parents money and connections, none of which are products of her own efforts.

One thing THAT IS a product of her own efforts is being on the search committee for the beleaguered Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis. So in answer to this poor shrieking violet’s question of “who the fuck hired you!?” The answer would be in part, Jerelyn Luther herself. Nicholas Christakis might not have known that at the time, but you can bet that Jerelyn Luther knew it. That makes her a liar too, but we already knew that as well.

HT to: The Daily Caller, and finally “Badger Pundit” over at Twitter


  • Ron MacDonald

    She’s been brainwashed by her Leftist professors, it’s time to clean up our universities.

    • Ralph Furley

      It’s been time for several decades now.

  • BillyHW

    I hear travelling the world is nice.

    Edit: Wow, the word travel has 28 hits on that page. Looks like these kids are the experts on vacationing.

  • From the NYT article about poor little premature Jeralyn:

    “She relied on her instincts, and what little information she could find. She breast-fed Jerelyn, held her for two hours a day and kept her away from noise and crowds.”

    What a surprise, Intolerable dopes rely on their instincts and raise (wait for it) dopes that are more intolerable than ever. She held her two hours a day? was that on a timer? She was kept away from noise and crowds – and now she’s the noisiest little bitch in the lynch mob. If you ask me, she is less than premature.

    • Oh, did I mention that the rest of her lefty friends would have considered a partial-birth abortion a real option for her mom- pity…

      • goldushapple

        Dang. Good point about the late-term abortion.

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny she didn’t take her father’s African name. Where’s the race pride?

    Jerelyn Luther sounds like some white midwesterner. It would be a perfect non-threatening name for a resume.

    • Yeah- that and maybe a sideways wave at sapping some reflected glory from Martin Luther King?

      • Frances

        Actually, was thinking of the original Martin Luther who was also a protester – but his protest had real substance.

  • Xavier

    The whole episode is straight out of the liberal playbook; she reversed the roles of antagonist and victim, shut down any attempt at response, got her talking points out, and exited before being challenged.

    I hope these imbeciles take down the entire US education system.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Michelle Obama.

    • Xavier

      Mini-Mooch. Same scowl, too.

  • Xavier

    Guilty of Teaching While White.

  • adam

    I think she’s been mischaracterized a bit. She was a basketball player in high school, a center. There are photos of her in action. She is not a graceful scoring machine, but rather a physical presence, always battling for rebounds, throwing elbows, and wrestling for the ball on the floor. I think that more likely explains some of her behavior in the video, particularly when she slips off the backpack and squares up on the poor administrator.

  • Untreatable Hemorrhoids

    Black privilege is real.

  • fromaway46

    If you search Peter Mubanda you will find he has been defendant in various lawsuits dealing with $$$ as was the wife/mother. He seems to have floated among many financial firms and now one dealing in African energy. I am guessing he is African as the mother is as white as snow. What her mother’s company does is above my pay grade to understand.

  • Hafnium

    According to the history of the house titles, the father put the house in his own name after 4 years of joint ownership. Either they were protecting it from creditors against the mother, or the father made a pre-emptive move against divorce, or it was routine and if so unusual I think. 2 years later house is transferred to wife and then to joint ownership. Probably on order of divorce court. Then 9 months later it is in wife’s name, again may be divorce court.

    The father lives in Zimbabwe, or that is what he claims. Likely they are separated. He is also about 30 years older than the mother. They have 2 boys and 2 girls.

    The articles the girl writes are anti-Israel. Looks like she has an interest in middle eastern issues.

    Why would the anti-imperialist left-fascist perp refuse to take the father’s last name? Was there something unsavory about it? It is a nice African name, and universities would have loved that.

    Anyone knows what her major is?

    It is not on her bio page at the globalist.

  • Hafnium

    The father also goes by the name of David Luther.

  • Hafnium

    I think the theory behind her outburst is rather simple. In summary is because she has chosen an easy degree (transvestite studies, black studies, etc.). Now her white friends are graduating with STEM or professional degrees and lining up jobs. And the pretty white girls have lined up their boyfriends. But she has nowhere to go, with a huge student loan of C$ 300,000 gathering interest. She knows she can’t find a job, and she is not bright enough to go to grad school as there is no affirmative action and she will have to study the same useless stuff anyways.

    So the slightest reality check, such as a white girl dissing her, or a bouncer telling her she can’t get into the party triggers her to explode with rage of “society is racist and all white men get rich by exploiting people like me”, garbage.

    I tried very hard to feel sorry for her. Almost succeeded. But then when I realized what she did to professors Christakis who are probably leftists themselves, I lost any sympathy for this anti-“imperialist” left proto-fascist.

    • I think you’re over-thinking it. She’s very well-connected. She’d hardly have gotten into an Ivy League university otherwise. She’ll be just fine. You think she’s going to end up on skid row? She’s angry because it’s fun to be angry. She’s a brat because nobody’s ever given her a reason to grow up.

      • Hafnium

        Actually I don’t think so. She comes from a middle class broken family. Father was a financial broker with client accounts and the court document raises many questions about him. Their home is extremely modest, and worth little for that area. To get into Ivy League you don’t need strong connections. If you are black, it is almost automatic if you have A’s and some black activist extra curriculars and if a parent or two have NOT gone to college, and you are radical chic. Yale, etc. are notorious that connections don’t help unless it is top notch (trustee of Yale, Senator, big doner), or if you donate $500,000 which they do not have.

  • Hafnium

    The court order from the Eastern District of NY is very interesting, link in post by Watcher. It is a must read for anyone who is following this perp.

    • The Watcher

      Watcher here. Thanks. I agree re: the leftist sociopathy that this whole issue exposes.

      As for the “broken home” angle, it appears indeed to be that. In the NYT article talking about Premature Jerelyn…

      …she is listed as Jerelyn Mubanda, and her mother gives her name as Valorie Luther-Mubanda.

      Note that Valorie Luther’s (not Jerelyn’s) father, David, is the CFO for Valorie’s “communications consulting” business. It appears that he took on that role about the time Valorie split from her diversity-prize Ugandan husband, which appears to be around the time financial manure was hitting various combines and Valorie left Wall St. so to speak.

      It appears from her LinkedIn page that she left the financial industry to start this business…whose client list seems sparse indeed…about the time she and her husband were named in the securities fraud case.

      Considering the performance of Corning stock in the 30 years David Luther worked there, I’m guessing he amassed a portfolio with two commas and 8 figures. They may live modestly, but that’s kinda the way New Englanders of their sort do it. It’s admirable IMO, but should never be mistaken for “middle class” in the sense that many are of that class.

      But I do agree that the patchiness of their home life doesn’t attest to them being particularly influential, and the Ivies in any case are among the biggest diversity and affirmative actions admissioneers on the planet.

      Finally, I wanted to reply to your sociosexual read on the situation a few comments up.

      Jerelyn Luther’s hostility against Nicholas Christakis was expressed in very specific terms: he wasn’t “making her feel safe,” he wasn’t “making her a home” (as she expected university to be), and probably worst of all, he didn’t turn his lovely successful white wife, Erika, over to the mob when they demanded he punish her for disagreeing with them in her almost ridiculously restrained, mollifying, and PC memo telling everybody to shut up about **Halloween costumes,** already.

      I believe it was WaPo that reported that after that lovely shriekfest in the quad, Nick Christakis invited the gang of harpies into his and his wife’s home for a group encounter session in the living room. These black angry women proceeded to browbeat him “for not paying them enough attention.” That sounds to me like acting more like jealous mistresses than students.

      Christakis responded by groveling to them about their “hurt” “breaking his heart.” That sounds to me like a guy threatened by his jealous mistress, not a “master” of a college.

      I am a woman with a high IQ and an Ivy League Ph.D., retired early (50) from a good professional career. As a poor white girl, I was admitted (late 1970s) on the basis of my GRE scores, grades, and admission application. They didn’t know me from the next person.

      I would not hesitate to tell anyone who ever asked me: most women do NOT belong in institutions of higher education.

      As we observe with “Jackie Coakley” at UVA as well as the Yale harpies, many aren’t fit for serious study, they have no skills, and they don’t even know how to go about securing a “Mrs. Degree” without resorting to histrionics or catfishing.

      As you note above, their bitterness at realizing their place in life is vast. Since college no longer involves the teaching of character aspects such as humility, or gratitude for the gifts they do have, or thanks that their lot isn’t worse…they don’t get this boundary setting. Instead, their own professors feed their anger and bitterness, inventing new discourses of victimization and resentment.

      Soon their anger against successful, attractive, intelligent, competent, mentally balanced white men and women knows no bounds. It is whipped into a frenzy by the likes of the puppetmasters behind BLM and the MSM. Then when they find someone like Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone to enable their hostility, things get very ugly for innocent bystanders.

      Thank you for reading, 72Hf.