Ben Carson’s Media Takedown May Be More Important Than The 2016 Race

Dr. Ben Carson has now become the top target of the leftist media. They’re dumping as much opposition research on him as they can find, no matter how shoddy. That’s not unusual: the media do this routinely to members of the right. On this morning’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace both attacked Carson viciously, even as Scarborough idiotically insisted that media bias had nothing to do with the attacks. Mika Brzezinski joined in as well.

  • mauser 98

    ..very related

    NYT sends reporters to Cuba to investigate Cruz’s father
    how many sent to Kenya or Indonesia ?
    how many sent to Harvard or Columbia?
    Barry’s passport records still missing

  • I hope this backfires on the liberal press.

    What a bunch of two faced hypocrites.

  • dale matson

    If he was liberal he would have already pulled the “R” card.

  • Gary

    The liberal media is going after Ben over an alleged lie in his Book from his account of an event from 1969…..yet Hillary says that the 2012 Benghazi lies are old news and we need to move on even over her emails she lied about.

    We now have a PM that did admit to supporting drug dealers when he bought pot while in Politics , and yet the CBC hounded Rob Ford on allegation of drug use right when George Smithermen joked about his drug parties and unsafe sex .

  • Ho Hum

    I think if anything Carson has been given a free pass so far by the media.

    There has been no mention of the fact that Carson’s business partner and closet adviser – Armstrong Williams – is a big fan of Louis Farrakahn and the Nation of Islam. Carson and Williams are so close that Carson described the relationship as a “package deal”.

    There is no mention of the fact that Carson does not support the 2nd. Amendment (he said George Zimmerman should not have been armed).

    There is no mention of the fact Carson wants to abolish Medicare.

    He has been billed as a brilliant brain surgeon but when you look into medical career you find many blemishes which are ignored by the media because Carson is black. Carson is just another “magic negro” .

  • terrence

    The Slime Stream Media is shooting itself in the foot with this fiasco (even if what Ho Hum said is entirely true, and I expect it is).

    • Ho Hum

      If the intent by the media is to bring Carson down it is backfiring as demonstrated by the fact that his campaign has seen a huge spike in donations. Challenging Carson on this particular issue doesn’t hurt Carson because the evangelicals who support him have already bought into the mythology that he was once a street thug and his life was turned around by god. Redemption stories sell books (and Carson has sold many to the evangelical community).

      • mauser 98

        media has cornered itself
        when did Obama’s name change to Soetoro then back to Obama?