Trudeau “Lets” Harper Fly Home On a Private Jet

Isn’t he just the bestest?

Harper routinely flew in the Challengers while prime minister, as security risks meant he couldn’t fly commercial, but that perk was among those he lost in the transfer of power from the Conservative government to the Liberals last week.

And though Harper is still a sitting MP, he’s also lost access to the luxury car, driver and accompanying major security detail that goes along with being prime minister — hence the arrival at the House of Commons last week in a minivan.

But while he should have had to take a commercial flight home later that night, the Liberals offered him the use of the custom-equipped jet — and he accepted.

  • andycanuck

    [Intercourse] Yahoo News to death. That is all.

  • Clink9

    Prime Minister Sphincter Boy.

  • Exile1981

    because a lefty on a commercial flight would have attacked him.

  • Prime Minister idiot Trudeau

  • pike bishop

    A ride across Canada on a Greyhound bus might be a chance to reconnect with real Canadians…nah…they suck anyway.

  • Everyone Else

    The picture of Justin in daddy’s car makes me realize Justin will probably have the money/status to move into daddy’s fancy house when he eventually moves to Montreal. I believe it’s been mainly empty since daddy passed away.