RCMP To Honour the Bravery of Twenty People During October 22nd Shooting

The RCMP will give awards to 20 Mounties and former House of Commons security officers in recognition of their bravery when a gunman stormed Parliament Hill last year.

The national police force will make the presentations during a private Nov. 23 ceremony at RCMP headquarters.

The RCMP says the awards are intended to recognize the “bravery, dedication and quick thinking” of those who were directly involved in the events of Oct. 22, 2014.

On that day, Michael Zehaf Bibeau fatally shot honour guard Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial before rushing into Parliament’s Hall of Honour, where he was killed in a flurry of bullets.

Former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers, now Canada’s ambassador to Ireland, was lauded for his role in subduing Zehaf Bibeau, but there has been no formal recognition of others.

  • andycanuck
    • Martin B

      Holy crap that is beyond parody. Holding hands with marginalized & alienated terrorist sympathizers is now an act of valour.

    • (teeth grinding)

  • pike bishop

    Are they honoring that female RCMP who was hiding behind the pillars. That does not inspire confidence more like every man (and woman) for himself.