Opinion: “No, a Canadian is not a Canadian. It’s perfectly fine to strip citizenship from terrorists”

The ability to strip dual citizens of Canadian citizenship, however, has long been a power of the Canadian government. Bill C-24 expanded, slightly, the categories under which dual citizens may lose their citizenship. In the case of terrorism, treason and similar offences, it is a wholly appropriate punishment and a reasonable exercise of sovereign government power.

Contrary to what critics may claim of Bill C-24, the Harper government did not create a two-tier system of citizenship. As it turns out, a Canadian is not a Canadian is not a Canadian. For decades, the Canadian government has been able to strip the citizenship of those wanted for war crimes or genocide, or who obtained their citizenship through fraud or misrepresentation. Actions of this sort have generally been targeted to those suspected of war crimes or other crimes against humanity in Rwanda, the Balkans and Nazi Germany, and all are viewed as a widely-accepted, non-controversial exercise of state power in regard to bringing the worst of the worst to justice.

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  • Alain

    well of course it was never contested nor a problem until that “evil Harper government” did it.

  • Canadian

    Maybe Just-in will use it against those who post anti-islam ideas.

    • ntt1

      better believe it. he silenced his caucus on abortion, silencing Canada is not hard if you pervert an admittedly easy to pervert bill C-51

  • WalterBannon

    strip turdeau of citizenship

  • Everyone Else

    A shorter argument always trumps a longer one, especially if it can be chanted.
    (A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian)