Morocco sex worker film star severely beaten amid controversy

The star of a film on sex work in Morocco – banned in the North African kingdom – was savagely beaten in Casablanca last week, sparking an outcry on social media over social taboos that activists say can be enforced by violence.

Loubna Abidar, who portrays a Marrakech sex worker in Much Loved, a film by renowned French-Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch that caused a stir in Morocco when a series of previews were released on YouTube, said police and hospital workers refused to help her. Instead they humiliated her, she said.

“No [police officer] and no doctor would take care of me. Everyone mocked me and said, ‘Finally, Abidar! You got beaten,” she said in a video posted online.

  • “Social taboos … enforced by violence”.

    That is Islam in a nutshell. (Social taboos enforced by random jihadi violence.)

  • ” …the police had insisted that it responded to Ms Abidar’s complaint as it would have anyone else’s.”
    Let THAT be a warning to anyone who would like to visit the happy kingdom of Morocco!

  • mauser 98

    soon 25,000 of them will be here
    …per year

  • Will Quest

    Yet western post-modern feminists are all about the horrible western rape-culture! They would not recognize real,endemic,systematic, ideologically enabled MISOGYNY if it sat on their privileged western faces .