Mafia Capitale and the governance of Rome

The Mafia Capitale trial in Rome has begun over the city’s home grown mafia. One of the accused is a comic book baddie with one eye lost in a shoot out, another was recorded by police saying that the contract for looking after immigrants was more profitable than running cocaine

  • simus1

    Crooks big and small looting governments at all levels in all countries seems to be a more and more popular vocation these days. Pity it is not a more competitive and deadly practice, at least for the big time players.

  • Clausewitz

    I think Wynne should adopt that statue as the new symbol for her party. Just a bunch of Liberals sucking at the teat of the lowly taxpayers.

  • Alain

    We just “elected” the equivalent of the Mafia on a national level. Actually likely the Mafia could learn a thing or two from the Liberals. This after Alberta did the same thing and Ontario just cannot get enough of supporting the equivalent of the Mafia. Actually living under the real Mafia would be an improvement. As long as you pay the price (usually lower than our taxes), mind your own business and get on with your life the Mafia will leave you alone. They wouldn’t be telling you what you can eat, drink, smoke or do.